Kaseya Partners

Kaseya has a variety of programs and business models tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Industry Experts

Kaseya has harnessed the knowledge of multiple Industry Experts and created a comprehensive program that will enable our partners to become better at marketing, sales, hiring and maintaining personal, along with operational efficiencies and processes. This program is available to all Kaseya Partners globally to help grow your business.

On-Demand Channel Partners

The Kaseya On-Demand Partners Program provides qualified candidates with the rights to promote, refer and market Kaseya’s cloud-based products and IT service offerings to their respective channels. The program is ideal for trade associations, distributors, hardware manufacturers and independent software vendors looking to add a competitive edge to their portfolio.

Technology Alliances

Kaseya collaborates with a variety of infrastructure and application technology partners, including security, backup, recovery, CRM and other technology vendors with expertise and market presence in areas that are strategic to Kaseya. As a member of the Kaseya Technology Alliance Program, partners are able to develop value-added integrations to our products by using tools, applicable support resources, and delivery processes to design, test, and validate the integrations between their products and Kaseya. The resulting technology partnership is an extensive ecosystem of third-party companies and products that helps Kaseya deliver robust solutions across a broad spectrum of IT management disciplines to meet the service management needs of the most demanding IT environments.

Authorized Resellers

Once you become authorized as a Kaseya Authorized Reseller, your company will automatically be enrolled into the Kaseya Partner Program (KPP), specifically designed to reward partners for growing their business with Kaseya. As an authorized reseller, you have the opportunity to offer your customers Kaseya solutions that are matched to their needs, and at the same time, gain an advantage in the market.