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If you are an existing Kaseya Customer, and require any of the following updates or releases, please click the links below to download your related software, patches, or documentation.

Kaseya Installer

This is a common installer for majority of products, when you run this Kaseya installer you will be prompted for a License Key and all products you are licensed for will be downloaded and installed by the main installer, you no longer need separate installers for add on modules. Learn more about the common installer.

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Kaseya Traverse

Kaseya Traverse is the leader in cloud service monitoring and management, root cause analysis and planning for private and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Traverse includes monitoring of a myriad of devices and methods utilizing a number of native technologies including SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, Cloudstack, VMWare, and much more. The major components of the Traverse Platform are its distributed data capture technology, a unified visualization engine, federated security model, discovery and topology mapping, business service containers, methods for root cause analysis, notification engine, log and event handling, reporting, and the API.

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Kaseya 6.5 and Add-On Module Documentation and Release Notes

(Note: that all products share the common installer above.) Please refer to the list of documentation and release notes.