Remote Control

Kaseya delivers a complete, fast and secure live remote access and remote control solution even behind firewalls or from machines at home.

Quickly, Securely And Non-Intrusively Access And Manage Computers From Anywhere

IT Professionals frequently need to access servers, workstations and mobile devices securely, quickly and without impacting the productivity of users. The Kaseya web-based, integrated IT management platform delivers a complete, fast and secure live remote access and remote control solution even behind firewalls or from machines at home. Stop using consumer oriented remote control tools that don’t give you the security or integrated systems management features you need to operate in a professional IT environment.

A remote control solution for you and your users

A remote control solution for you and your users

Remote control enables technicians and administrators to remotely troubleshoot and manage their computers regardless of their location. Remote control offers two modes of operation:

Desktop Access enables the technician to take over the desktop collaboratively with the end user. They can work collaboratively or the technician can work with full computing access as the currently logged in user. All operations are as if the technician were physically sitting in front of the computer.

Live Connect enables the technician to work behind the scenes without the end user’s knowledge. The technician is able to fix problems in the registry, move or copy files, run a command prompt or script, view running tasks, and more. Meanwhile the end user is able to continue uninterrupted.

Remote Control is Superior to Proximity

In most cases, Kaseya Remote Control is a far superior option to physically being in front of the device as:

  • It enables work to be performed on multiple systems at a time
  • Work can be accomplished behind the scenes without interrupting the end user
  • The technician has complete access to their tools (their local system) at the same time as access to the remote system
  • In those cases where problems are intermittent, the technician can see issues collaboratively and timely with the end user
  • The technician can be anywhere and only requires internet access in order to troubleshoot and remote control computers
  • Space starved / security controlled access rooms for servers can be enabled for remote control often more easily than enabling access to the physical servers
  • Security using two factor authentication is much more easily managed via 3rd party integrations rather than technicians maintaining user name / password lists
  • A single system can be worked on by multiple technicians simultaneously
  • The technician does not need physical access to the business office space
  • The technician can solve problems instantly when they happen
  • Travel time can be eliminated to resolve issue

Desktop Access for Business

Having technicians work on machines remotely is a benefit to any IT organization. Kaseya has the unique ability to provide complete control and audit of all desktop access work performed for reporting, ticket closure and compliance. Secure Desktop Access is essential for when there are no other automated means other than taking over the desktop.

  • Record screen activity of work performed and attach to open tickets
  • Provide the end user control and security to enable or disable remote control functions until granted approval
  • Remote print to a local printer as if the local printer was connected to the remote computer (uses RDP)
  • Secure communications using certified Kaseya technology
  • No ports to open or firewall configuration needed only a simple internet, connection required
  • Typical Desktop Access features include resize, color depth, zoom level, and much more

Don't Just Remote Control, Live Connect

Using a remote desktop access solution can be the ultimate savior for a technician to remediate an issue, but it doesn’t eliminate the need of lost end user productivity. Kaseya Live Connect includes the remote control tools that work in the background to provide complete computer access, all without interrupting the end user.





  • Thumbnail View

    Not sure if the remote system is being used? Live Connect provides a thumbnail view of the remote desktop so you always know what is going on.

  • Audit Information

    No more searching around to find information about the remote system - its all available in the audit. The full Kaseya Audit information is available in the Live Connect area for easy access.

  • Performance Counters

    Since you are remote, you can’t tell if the system is bogged down. The Live Connect performance counters show you real time the system performance.

  • Remote File Manager

    Transfer files or entire directories between the remote and local computers. Files are queued up and transferred based upon available bandwidth. Rename, delete, and move files and directories.

  • Remote Command Shell

    If you are more comfortable at the command line, jump right into the Remote Command Shell and perform any operation as if you are typing it into the remote computer’s command shell directly. The end user is not interrupted while you perform the needed maintenance.

  • Remote Task Manager

    If you need instant control over the running processes on the machine, use the Remote Task Manager to view running processes on the computer. Stop offending processes or reset their priority. Start or stop services as you need.

  • Remote Event Viewer

    Quickly check the Windows Event Logs without having to take over the computer. You will get to the event logs more quickly through the Remote Event Viewer than by desktop access because the tool is already up and running for the remote computer.

  • Remote Registry Editor

    Resolve registry issues in minutes using the Remote Registry Editor. Search for keys, find, change, or delete specific entries. Typically using the Remote Registry Editor is faster than taking over the desktop, launching the registry editor, and then making changes.

  • Chat and Video Chat

    Need a quick chat with the end user? Stop digging around to find their phone number. Just pop up a chat and see if they are available to help explain the problem they are facing. Need more interaction? Turn on the voice and video chat as well for a messenger style communication.

    A remote control solution for you and your users

  • Custom Role Actions and Resources

    Do you have technicians with specific roles in your IT organization? With Live Connect you can Assign unique technician roles that include access to specific functions required to help streamline complex tasks that may take many steps to resolve. Links to internal policy documents, videos or Intranet resources can also be included. Each role can have a custom tab which allows them to schedule scripts, view documents or access links as they need to perform repetitive functions.

Zero Configuration Virtual Private Network

View every machine's current status

View every machine's current status

Don’t interrupt an end user simply because you need to get access to edge devices, network storage, network printers, or any other network device. If you have some offices that don’t justify the expense of a device based VPN, use the Kaseya VPN solution for short term, zero configuration VPN capabilities. Address remote network devices as if they are on your local network. Use your local machine with tools such as SSH, Telnet or database management to address remote resources quickly and easily - and do it behind the scenes.

  • Automatic remote installation of infrastructure components
  • Automatic build up and tear down of connections
  • Start and stop of VPN services
  • Once active, remote network devices are locally addressable

Quick View - Single Machine Access at Your Fingertips

You can see the computer status of any machine connected to your environment without the need for connecting. Each computer reports back its current status - on, logged in, active, etc. So long as the computer can connect to the internet - whether remote or in the office, you will see it online.

Access any single machine with Quick View

Access any single machine with Quick View

Hover over any of the Computer Status icons to get Quick View - a configurable quick toolkit for each computer. Completely configurable to include the most important tasks and tools you need - which includes most all of the functionality in Kaseya as well as waking the machine, recording the desktop, or connecting to tickets related to that computer. Single click access to specific Live Connect tools, run scripts or Desktop Access.

Check-in status

These icons indicate the agent check-in status of each managed machine. Hovering the cursor over a check-in icon displays the agent Quick View window.

  • agent online icon

    Agent online

  • Agent online and user currently logged on

    Agent online and user currently logged on.

  • Agent online and user currently logged on, but user not active for 10 minutes icon

    Agent online and user currently logged on, but user not active for 10 minutes

  • Agent has never checked in icon

    Agent has never checked in

  • Agent is online but remote control has been disabled icon

    Agent is online but remote control has been disabled

  • The agent has been suspended icon

    The agent has been suspended

Status screen exampe

Status screen exampe