Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprises today are grappling with an exploding number of mobile devices and a proliferation of device types – some of which are company-issued, some of which are employee-owned – all of which are being used to access the corporate network. Organizations must find a way to manage all of these devices to ensure the security of company data and assets. Kaseya solves this challenge for organizations with solutions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management and Mobile Device Management (MDM).



The Kaseya BYOD Suite offers a unique containerization approach, isolating corporate data and access from personal data and the rest of the device. This ensures complete control of enterprise system access, while leaving the employee’s personal device and data untouched, thus achieving work/life integration on a single device for both the organization and the user. The Kaseya BYOD Suite provides native iOS or Android apps that provide a rich browser, document editor and mail experience for employees on their chosen mobile device while retaining military-grade security and complete IT control over corporate data and access.


Mobile Device Management

Kaseya’s MDM solution, now part of VSA, enables organizations to tightly manage mobile apps, secure mobile access to enterprise data, and audit and control mobile devices. IT administrators can now push apps to mobile devices with simple button-clicks. The centralized management console simplifies app monitoring and administrative support, for all mobile devices across enterprise IT, through a single screen view. IT departments can conduct all management functions of mobile devices from the same framework as desktops, laptops and servers for consistent IT systems management across the entire organization. IT administrators can also maintain a catalog of blocked and mandatory enterprise apps while monitoring devices remotely to enforce policy compliance.