Mobile Device Management

Kaseya’s VSA solution provides MDM capability that extends robust IT policies and automated configuration settings to mobile devices by treating them as computers rather than souped-up cellular phones.

Your Users and Data Are Going Mobile and So Should Your Policies

The increasing use of mobile devices by employees to access corporate emails, business data, files and applications has resulted in tremendous gains for employee productivity. But at the same time it has increased the complexity for IT administrators to keep the enterprise data secured and protected, yet easily accessible across all mobile devices.

Keeping track of, protecting and updating mobile devices requires a versatile tool that handles unique nature of diverse mobility platforms. As users continue to access business data and applications on their mobile devices, organizations can now use Kaseya Mobile Device Management to implement business continuity, accessibility and security policies on those devices. Kaseya’s MDM capabilities enable organizations to tightly manage mobile apps, secure mobile access to enterprise data, and audit and control mobile devices.


Manage all devices from desktops and servers to mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Extend IT systems management polices to mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android phones and tablets
  • Protect business data no matter where it sits or is accessed from
  • Reduce help desk requests such as mobile email configuration through remote and automatic management capabilities
  • Manage all devices from desktops and servers to mobile devices from a single pane of glass for consistency and transparency throughout the organization

Control Apps That Go On User Mobile

  • Maintain a catalog of required apps and a list of banned apps


  • Push enterprise apps and monitor remotely for app compliance


Manage from One Dashboard

Kaseya Mobile Device Management allows IT organizatios to manage mobile devices from the same Kaseya IT Automation Framework as desktops, laptops and servers. The central Kaseya dashboard gives IT organizations the visibility they need to efficiently, consistently and reliably track, update and back up mobile devices.


Treat Mobile Devices Like Computers

Kaseya extends robust IT policies to mobile devices by treating them as computers rather than souped-up cellular phones. These systems are getting more powerful every production cycle, and in many organizations they are starting to replace desktops and laptops at all levels of the company. It is important that this next generation of computing devices is maintained, updated, secured and protected at the same level as last generation devices.

  • Automate email configuration and settings to one or many devices
  • Collect detailed inventory information in a central repository that can be easily accessed by administrators while providing a complete network view
  • Track location of mobile devices based on location history or in real time
  • Force Alarm sound on device to help track lost device
  • Lock, wipe and reset lost or stolen devices