Cloud and Network Monitoring

The Kaseya monitoring solutions include powerful tools for analyzing captured data from targeted devices, servers, networks, and applications. In addition to the wide variety of gathering methods, Traverse supports Business and IT Service Views, Historical Reporting, Discovery and Topology Mapping, Drill down enabled dashboards, and many other features to facilitate the monitoring and management of your environment.


Virtualization & Cloud Monitoring

Deeply track your complex virtualized and cloud environments. Monitor and manage these virtual environments with support for VMware, XenServer, KVM and Hyper-V using the native APIs. Keep track of public cloud networks by monitoring of AWS, CloudStack, OpenStack and other similar frameworks.


Network Performance Monitoring & Configuration Management

Monitor both system fault as well as performance characteristics. Network Performance Monitoring is integrated with network management, network fault monitoring, and business service monitoring as a single solution. Automatic baselining is included with advanced data analysis. Out of the box support for a wide variety of routers and switches makes configuration simple. Enable NetFlow support for even deeper views into the network traffic. Use Network Configuration Management to backup and manage configurations from the various switches, routers, and other network devices.


Server & Data Center Monitoring

Automatically monitor infrastructures such as as standard server operating systems which include Windows Server, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, RedHat, Suse, and Debian. Monitor your entire data center including storage, power, and HVAC components. Get deeper monitoring of the hardware using the out of the box support for Dell OpenManage, IBM mainframes, Compaq InsightManager, HP Blade, and Compaq VMS.


Application Monitoring

Provide a unique service oriented view of your application performance as a portion of your overall service delivery. Create an application container which includes systems, applications, and infrastructure that allows you to isolate root cause application performance issues.


Service Monitoring & SLA Management

Get real-time visibility into the performance of IT services rather than a systems view of green and red. Demonstrate the business value of the monitoring services by creating monitoring logical views with correlated service level monitoring of the IT infrastructure. The Service Container model is overlaid on top of the physical topology discovery/display model to provide service-relevant topology views enable rapid root cause analysis.


Remote Monitoring

Utilizing the patented Kaseya agent technology deployed onto each computer, this lightweight solution can be utilized for monitoring of parameters such as connection state, event logs, performance characteristics, disk conditions, and services from desktop computers. In turn, these desktop generated alerts can trigger subsequent actions such as restarting services, cleaning up disk space, generate tickets or process any custom Kaseya script. Desktop monitoring requires no additional footprint beyond the Kaseya agent and is ideal for roaming computers that may only have an internet connection to the corporate office.