Service Desk

From simple out-of-the-box standard helpdesk workflows through to complex custom ITIL aligned Service Management, Kaseya Service Desk provides the flexibility to meet your needs. Deep integration ensures that the highest efficiency levels are maintained for all your service delivery.

An ITIL-Ready, Automated Service Desk Solution

The Kaseya Service Desk Solution provides a comprehensive and flexible web-based helpdesk environment. Think of it as your Hub of Knowledge where your predefined IT processes flow through a central repository creating a fully automated service desk strategy. The result –IT Services that are aligned with the needs of the business, improved service quality and increased return on investment.

  • Quickly find related known error data, resolutions and workarounds
  • Convert tickets into Knowledge Base articles
  • Provide end user accessible Knowledge Base search capabilities


A comprehensive and flexible web-based helpdesk environment.


  • Complete IT Automation Platform

    Kaseya Service Desk is part of a complete IT Automation Platform which integrates and automates all basic IT tasks. Systems Management, Patch Management, IT Asset Management, Software Deployment, Data Protection, Compliance, Endpoint Security and SERVICE DESK are all included in this full featured, integrated, extensible and easy to use IT management solution.

  • Multiple Capabilities

    Kaseya Service Desk provides the flexibility to define multiple service desk structures based on your unique service delivery model. Each service desk can be configured with unique processing characteristics, roles and policies. The system can include preconfigured desks to track Incidents, Problems and Change Requests in accordance with ITIL best practice.

  • Response Templates

    Create automated templates for commonly used responses, status and resolutions to improve communication between Service Desk and end users.

  • Workflow and Process Driven

    Define and streamline your service desk processes, identify roles and responsibilities and map these to your automated service desk environment.

  • Time and Collection Reporting

    With Kaseya Service Desk it’s easy to track, automatically calculate and/or enforce employee time allocations on service requests. With the built in reporting, track the productivity of employees and document incidents that prove the most time consuming.

  • Goals and Escalation Routes

    Kaseya Service Desk allows you to document service level policies, set goals and objectives and define escalation rules, insuring that you achieve the goals set in your SLA, alerting you if you are in danger of failing to meet them and the ability to escalate accordingly.

  • Mobile Help Desk

    The ultimate service desk management application for technicians and service desk managers who need access in the hallway or at home while ensuring escalation polices and incident remediation are properly followed.

Service Desk Benefits

  • Track & Manage Incidents, Problems, Service Requests, and Change Requests
  • Automate Ticket Routing and Escalations Based on SLA Goals
  • Leverage Key Metrics for SLA Measurement
  • Fine Grained Control of Service Desk Access
  • Searchable Integrated Knowledge Base and Known Error database
  • ITIL Made Easy - Best Practices Built-in
  • Seamlessly Leverage Data
  • Rich Text Editing Window with Support for Embedded Graphics and Emoticons
  • Categorize Tickets up to Five Levels Deep
  • New: Time Zone Based Coverage Schedules


Rich text editor