IT TECHNICIANSDo More, Do it Better, Do it Easily

IT Technicians Can Get More Done

Keep your users happy and achieve much more each day by managing your IT systems with automation.

Proactively Resolve Problems

Managing IT Systems Proactively

Use IT systems automation to identify and resolve service issues before they impact your users.

  • Be alerted when services are at risk
  • Quickly identify the root cause of an issue
  • Automate remediation for faster problem resolution

Provide Secure Access to Company Data, Painlessly

Secure Access to Company Data and Devices

Use multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), password management and antivirus, to provide simple, secure access to data and protect endpoints.

  • Secure access to sensitive data with MFA
  • Simplify access with SSO and password management
  • Automatically deploy and maintain antivirus software

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Free Up Time with IT System Automation

Free up your time for more interesting work by automating the routine, repetitive tasks in your day.

  • Use policies to automate common tasks
  • Automate software updates, patches, and more
  • Automate remediation to reduce ticket volume

With Kaseya we were able to fix our problems really quickly.”

After switching to Kaseya, People’s Bank and Trust had one system that managed all of their IT infrastructure and employees experienced less downtime and had a better experience. The IT team at People’s Bank and Trust were able to become more proactive, swiftly remediate issues and find time to work on other projects.

Ziya Gunay, IT Specialist, People's Bank and Trust