The MSP 2.0 Market Evolution

Address the MSP 2.0 market realities to reduce costs and take advantage of growth opportunities

Escalating Financial Pressures

  • Face of competition has changed to include regional and global MSPs
  • SMB needs have expanded to cloud services, advanced security, and network monitoring
  • Conflict between overhead spend and revenue-growth investments has increased

What’s Needed to Thrive in the New MSP 2.0 Reality?

Whether the goal is to grow or protect the business, acquire or get acquired, MSPs must:

  • Embrace the changing dynamics of the market
  • Invest more time, effort, and money on delivery capabilities
  • Rethink current business and technology solutions

The Solution: Unified MSP Growth Platform

A Unified MSP Growth Platform provides an MSP with the technologies to both manage their customers and flexibly operate their business with a cost structure that is in sync with the new MSP 2.0 market economics.

Components of a Unified MSP Growth Platform

  • Next-generation PSA that dramatically reduces administrative costs
  • Next-generation RMM that significantly increases technician productivity
  • MSP 2.0 Emerging Solutions that address the expanded needs of SMBs

Kaseya IT Complete is the first and only Unified MSP Growth Platform that enables MSPs to thrive in the MSP 2.0 market environment.

Kaseya VSA

IT Systems Management Software

Kaseya AuthAnvil

Identity and Access Management

Kaseya BMS

Business Management Solution

365 Command

Microsoft Online Services Administration

Kaseya Traverse

Cloud Monitoring and Management

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