IT Management for Industries

Kaseya offers everything you need to manage IT across a variety of industries.

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Kaseya offers flexible pricing, delivery methods, functionality and the scalability to grow as your business grows.

The Kaseya IT Automation Framework is a scalable, flexible and efficient IT automation solution with the power and ease of use to accommodate the unique requirements of IT Professionals. Our solution has effected a positive change worldwide in the way IT services are delivered.

We know that the primary objectives of every IT professional are centered around efficiency, security, availability and aligning the IT objectives with the overall business strategies. We also know that as budgets decrease, demands increase. And having the right IT systems strategy in place can make the difference in meeting these challenges head on.

  • IT Departments

    Employees, customers and management depend on you to deliver IT systems management services.

  • Enterprise IT

    Real-time visibility, management, orchestration and reporting across all IT across the entire organization.

  • IT Service Providers

    Kaseya was designed and built by compiling best practices from thousands of IT Service Providers.

  • Education

    Expel inefficient systems management and apply an effective solution to your school IT environment.

  • Retail

    It is essential that all the IT assets within your ecosystem, are tracked, monitored and managed.

  • Financial Institutions

    Work smarter and faster while dealing with enhanced regulatory and security policies.

  • Government

    The Department of Defense, NASA and the Department of Transportation use Kaseya solutions.

  • Healthcare

    You bear the responsibility for ensuring that IT assets are secure, protected and available.

The Kaseya IT Management Suite provides solutions for IT environments of all sizes. View our solutions for more information.