Kaseya For IT Service Providers

Kaseya is the leading provider of software for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) globally. With over 10 years developing award winning software, Kaseya has built its reputation for providing the most comprehensive set of automated systems management and monitoring solutions to help MSPs deliver world-class IT services.

With significant investment in capabilities to expand Cloud and BYOD offerings, Kaseya is truly the premier solution for Service Providers to offer enterprise class services to your customers. These combined solutions enable you to provide services from remote CIO, hybrid or co-managed services, or complete managed services to your customers.

The Managed Services Industry Leader

Backed by the leading solution in the Managed Service Provider market, Kaseya has transformed MSPs of all sizes from a high touch, high cost and reactive service model to an automated, profit driven and proactive service delivery model.

Our awards

Our awards.


Examples of Tiers of Service.

Tiered Services Offerings

The ability to provide tiered services to your customers is built into the Kaseya Platform from the ground up through a policy driven approach. All devices are included in a flexible management hierarchy where IT services can be turned on or off as needed. Change your notification policy to watch only during business hours or 24x7. Setting and managing to Service Level Agreements has never been easier using the Kaseya platform.

Network Topology Independent

Regardless of the network topology, you can manage and monitor the environments under your care. Utilize existing infrastructure without the need to create extra network connections, VPNs, firewall settings, or other configurations. The hybrid cloud approach of Kaseya enables you to deploy the minimum set of software to the managed network for only those services being offered. . With nothing more than a simple Internet connection from the managed device, Kaseya provides complete distributed management through a secure FIPS certified encryption connection


Kaseya Platform Workflow diagram

Out of the box MSP Ready

Not a monitoring expert? Not a desktop management expert? No problem! As you begin to monitor and manage devices, Kaseya offers out-of-the-box templates and processes to get you up and running quickly. When it comes to monitoring, just attach to the target device. Kaseya will recognize the device and discover the key running applications and services. Using the automatic baselining and dynamic thresholds, you can configure automated remediation based on common issues or escalate the issue directly to the IT department for immediate action. [LJ2] Leverage the experience of 1000s of other MSPs like yourself that have been built into Kaseya to manage and provide monitoring and management of desktops, servers, and other applications. Use these tools to further deploy services such as Antivirus, Backup, and other basic management functions. Print out complete hardware inventory for your client. Run the discovery process to find all of the devices on the network. All of these utilities, scripts and practices are built right into the Kaseya platform.

Broad and Integrated Solution Set

Stop implementing more isolated tools. Each tool adds incremental costs and overhead required to both learn and manage. The Kaseya Platform includes a broad solution set covering a vast set of areas such as Security Management, Asset Management, Backup and Recovery, Monitoring, Service Delivery, Configuration Management and more. As you form your tiered offering for your customers, pull in different aspects of the solution set from Kaseya using a single tool. This gives you a 360 degree view of your customer all viewed in a single pane of glass.

Experts At Your Call

Kaseya has harnessed the knowledge of IT business experts and created a comprehensive program that will enable Kaseya MSPs to become better at marketing, sales, hiring and maintaining personal, along with operational efficiencies and processes. This program is available to all Kaseya MSPs to help grow your business.