Webinar Defend Against Cyberthreats and Increase Productivity

Take a special look at the evolving dangers of the dark side of the Internet, presented by Kirk Feathers, VP of Customer Enablement.

Learn how Kaseya’s AntiVirus’ automated endpoint security, combined with the power of Kaseya’s VSA can offer a level of protection that far surpasses any AV product by itself.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • How cybercriminals are adapting their attacks and monetizing the exploitation of your customers
  • The ways a layered security approach can be critical to keeping your clients’ safe
  • How to analyze user behavior for potential risks to detect threats before they spread throughout your client’s environment
  • View consolidated dashboards for complete visibility into your clients’ security status

About our host

Kirk Feathers

VP of Customer Enablement, Kaseya

With 20 plus years experience in IT, spent mainly as CTO for public and privately held companies, Kirk Feathers has been able to consult with NYSP Computer Crimes Unit and work with organizations like RIAA, MPAA, Labels and Studios, ICAC, NCMEC and Child Safety Network. Today he applies this knowledge to helping Kaseya as VP of Customer Enablement.