Webinar Transforming Your Sales Model

Are you struggling to build your sales engine?

Many MSPs grow their business rapidly but then hit a sales wall. Companies typically languish at this sales level for years or even decades. No matter what the owner tries; nothing seems to work. They hire sales people and invest in every new marketing trick, but nothing helps them to break through the sales barrier. What can they do?

The owner has to embrace a new role as a “sales leader”; invest their time differently and learn new skills. You have to lead, coach, manage, train, develop and support a sales team. Often, this is not a natural talent for an MSP owner, but it can be learned and developed. The good news is that you can follow a proven roadmap to build a scalable, productive sales engine. And deploy a set of best practices that leads to immediate sales breakthroughs.

In this webinar, Michael Cummings, Sales Transformation Practices leader at Taylor Business Group, shares:

  • Transforming your role as an owner to make sales breakthroughs
  • Top actions MSP owners need to be “all in” and lead the charge
  • Six essential steps for sales transformation and growth
  • Ways to become a transformational sales coach
  • Five must-have sales infrastructure components

About Our Host

Michael Cummings

Michael Cummings is the Leader of the Sales Transformation Program at Taylor Business Group. In addition, he performs retained searches for game-changing talent in the areas of Services leadership and Sales for MSPs. Through his program, MSP owners build their sales leadership competencies and follow a proven blueprint to transform their sales results. Many of his clients have built a formidable sales engine from the ground up that has doubled the size on their company in one year (or less). He can be reached at Michael@Taylorbusinessgroup.com