Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

With the Kaseya BYOD Suite, organizations can give employees the freedom to work on their personal devices, while ensuring the security of enterprise data and applications on those devices. The solution provides employees with access to corporate applications, email, and documents from their personal devices , while providing IT with peace of mind through unprecedented BYOD security and ease of deployment and administration.

Mobile devices using BYOD

Kaseya BYOD Suite running on different device types

Access to corporate applications, documents and email are provided via a set of three installable apps for the employee’s mobile device: Secure Browser, Secure Docs and Secure Mail. These apps access enterprise systems via the BYOD Gateway, a communications point behind the enterprise firewall that provides a secure channel between the applications and enterprise systems. The solution does not rely only on device-level encryption, but provides its own highly secure encryption. Security protocols are military-grade with AES 256 encryption on top of SSL encryption, and the solution is compliant with industry privacy standards including FINRA, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA and more.

Secure Browser

BYOD Browser

Kaseya Secure Browser is a containerized BYOD browser app that securely accesses existing HTML5 and intranet applications such as SharePoint with ease, integrating with Active Directory and other authentication services to deliver a single sign-on experience. With Kaseya Secure Browser, data exchanged between the gateway and browser is encrypted end to end. Browser interoperates with the other apps in the suite as well – for example, wherever a user sees a clickable ‘mail to’ link in a webpage, Secure Mail will handle that request. If a mobile user wants to email a contact listed in their CRM and displayed in the browser, tapping the email address automatically causes Mail to open a new email message for the selected address. Similarly, Browser’s browser apps can exchange documents with Docs.

Secure Docs


With Docs and its built-in Office document editor, BYOD users can view, edit, create, and store Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, and view PDFs, all within a secure container on their mobile device.

Connecting to a variety of enterprise or cloud storage providers through the security and control of the Gateway, IT can publish data from multiple WebDAV sources such as SharePoint, or from existing NAS file shares. When connectivity is not possible, Docs supports offline document creation and secure offline document storage.

Editing functionality comes from a custom integration of SmartOffice, a Microsoft Office-compatible document creation, viewing and editing solution deployed in more than half a billion devices worldwide

Secure Mail


Mail is a secure container that IT can provision to access corporate email with full security and IT control. Mail is compatible with any ActiveSync messaging system such as Exchange and enables secure mobile access to corporate email, calendar, contacts, and more.

Mail utilizes a market-leading email client at its core, so you are leveraging best in class native functionality for a rich user experience, and the integration is designed to provide seamless interoperability with the rest of the Kaseya BYOD Suite.

Easy Distribution of Internally Developed Mobile Apps

The Kaseya BYOD Suite also offers the ability for organizations to easily host and distribute any internally developed employee-facing mobile applications without the need for corporate control over the device and VPN-controlled network access. The solution acts as a multipurpose portal to enterprise information, including mobile applications, applying appropriate user access policies. And mobile application updates are seamless. As the applications are SaaS-based and managed centrally, updates are automatic and there is no need for downloads and upgrades of applications on the mobile devices themselves.

Secure Docs

BYOD docs

Secure Mail

BYOD docs

Secure Browser

BYOD docs


The Kaseya BYOD Suite is the perfect solution for IT professionals seeking to ensure corporate control and security of enterprise data and applications in a BYOD scenario, while also meeting employees’ demands for freedom from enterprise constraints on their personal devices.

Easy and Flexible Deployment

  • Extend secure BYOD access to apps, email, and documents within minutes
  • Extend only the access each mobile user needs
  • No VPN required – communications can occur over a private encrypted channel

Complete Security

  • All information is encrypted in flight and at rest
  • Mobile devices do not attach to enterprise network
  • Unauthorized users cannot gain access with lost/stolen devices
  • Multifactor security via Device Access Control – pairing a user credential with a specific device
  • Military-strength AES-256 encryption of assets in flight and at rest
  • Compliant with regulatory and security guidelines such as FIPS 140-2, FINRA and HIPPA

Ease of Administration

  • MDM is not required – BYOD manages data, not devices
  • All Kaseya BYOD Suite elements run as native apps
  • Wiping enterprise assets leaves personal assets unharmed
  • Use individual or group-level policies for security and information access rights with tight AD integration

Simplified Development of Mobile Apps

  • Custom apps can be developed with familiar tools
  • Leverage native device capabilities like the camera, accelerometer, GPS and more
  • Publish directly to users, bypassing app stores
  • Centrally publish and manage, eliminating the need to track user updates