Kaseya University Program

Leveraging the entire Kaseya platform can save time, effort and money allowing you to focus on more strategic goals. We'll provide expert instruction to allow you to do so.

Become a Kaseya Expert

The Kaseya University Program is powered by a joint collaboration between Kaseya Professional Services and IT-Scholars to provide you with the excellent education you require and deserve. This program combines Education and Certification into a single focused package. The resulting Certification is formal recognition of a level of proficiency in the knowledge and practice of the Kaseya platform. The certificate holder makes the company eligible for immediate Priority Support.

IT students in classroom

Hands-On, Instructor-Lead

This educational offer delivers the material either online or on-location in a designated conference facility with a live instructor conducting the workshop. The presentation is focused on hands-on labs and the ability for live interactive questions and answers with the instructor. The lectures and lab sessions are complemented by scenario-based videos, virtual labs, self-assessment quizzes and reading material. Included in this program is access to one certification exam.

Self-Paced Online

This option provides all the material presented in the hands-on, instructor-led workshop in a self-directed, computer-based training model. You have access to all the educational materials including scenario-based videos, interactive videos, virtual labs, self-assessment quizzes, and reading material available 24x7. Included in this program is access to one certification exam. All the material including the certification exam is available for 91 days.

To schedule or learn more about the Kaseya Education Services, simply login to The Learning Center portal.

Ready for Certification?

The Four-Step Review Reinforcement process is utilized in all Kaseya University Educational programs insuring that your newly gained knowledge is long lasting and is ready to be applied.

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