Kaseya Connect 2008


A time for connection, reflection and the future of IT Automation 
Dan Shapero – Sr. Vice President, Marketing –
Kaseya Green Computing

Among the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas, Kaseya Customers, Industry Experts, Partners and employees gathered for the Kaseya Connect 2008 User Conference.  As anticipated, this annual conference, a forum for the discussion of the future of IT service delivery, proved to be better than ever!  With general sessions covering Kaseya product strategy, technical training, and informational Conference Sessions, there was an abundance of valuable Kaseya and industry information.

The Conference was kicked off by Kaseya’s CEO, Gerald Blackie who, as a recognized visionary, discussed Kaseya’s global expansion, Services Division initiatives, and new and improved product release processes. Customers heard from Gerald about one of the anticipated market trends, “the cloud”, or ubiquitous computing and how Kaseya’s future advancements will help to enable this defining technology through Software and services for SaaS. Gerald also spoke of another important market transition – the growing requirement for IT Automation software. He reiterated the benefits, the anticipated future and Kaseya’s ongoing commitment to providing technology advancements for IT automation in both the public/private sectors and managed services. A commitment that spans the entire business cycle of IT management, from software to services, education and Out-Tasking, the Kaseya strategy embraces the growth and advances of IT automation.

Drilling down, Mark Sutherland, Kaseya President and co-founder energized the group with a roadmap for upcoming platform support for Linux, Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, Rim, iPhone and more. The Kaseya Product Team expanded on topics and new and upcoming modules such as Service Desk, Discovery, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Asset management and Data Assurance. 

The Services Team launched new and exciting Kaseya Out-Tasking options and best practice policies for getting the best Kaseya services experience. And, the Kaseya  “Green IT” Theme was well received and a major area of discussion throughout the conference.  Thanks go out to Kaseya’s valued customers, sponsors and speakers who made this event a success. The connections made will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the success of us all.

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