Endpoint Security Done Poorly!


I recently had a conversation with a 5-year veteran of Kaseya.  A year ago their firm decided to test the Kaseya Endpoint Security add-on to see if they could free up some of the manual management of the current company recommended solution.

Here is what happened:

  1. Purchased 100 nodes of KES (Kaseya Endpoint Security)
  2. Wrote antivirus application removal scripts to automate the uninstall process (KES won’t install if another AV solution is on the machine)
  3. Installed 100 nodes, of KES, on their own network and a few customer networks.  (time required: less than 1-day.  KES is pushed out from within Kaseya)
  4. Ran their first scan
  5. Got RESULTS
  6. Found viruses on both their internal network and customer network (over 100)
  7. Found computers that were not getting virus updates
  8. Found machines that had been missed and DID NOT have AV software

Basically, their current delivery of endpoint security was being poorly implemented and maintained.    The problem wasn’t their processes, but rather the number of machines they were supporting.  The current strategy had become unmanageable and terribly inefficient.

I don’t typically write “sales oriented” blog posts, but this is a no-brainer.

Here are some thoughts to consider:
  • Most antivirus solutions are domain based and with end-users working virtually, more often, for longer periods of time, you need a solution that can reach out across the Internet.
  • KES is priced so well that we have customers making a couple thousand dollars extra a month without charging their customers anymore than the previous solution.
  • It is easier to manage a single console than a bunch of decentralized consoles.
  • Eminent threats can be mitigated instantly.

One thing I don’t want this post to breed is the typical “this AV software is better than that one”.  I am not claiming that KES is the best AV solution on the market.  I don’t care how AWESOME another AV solution is at finding viruses.  The point I am making is that you can’t insure 100% of your AV agents are working properly 100% of the time without a centralized way to install, run, update, alert, and report back to you. I know some of you may disagree, but if you would rather work on technology than work on your business, well I don’t have a rebuttal for that one.  I do know that the guys working on their business play with their “gobs” of money more than their technology.

Bottom line, I am making a business case, not a technology case here, so please comment accordingly.

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