With SaaS Do You Really Need Remote Backup Software?


I am beginning to see and hear of a trend where by more and more content is moving to the cloud and IT managers are placing a decreasing amount of importance on remote backup software to grab native laptop data.  I mean with SaaS storage solutions and cloud based applications, why backup your laptop?  Google Apps and Microsoft’s Live Office keep everything online, shared, and accessible anywhere.  Life is good, let’s move everything to cloud, kick back, and relax!

Is this right?  Let’s take a moment and walk-thru what is on my laptop.

  • 100 preparation hours worth of PowerPoint Presentations that I have physically given and have not taken the time to upload into our online storage app
  • $100 in music
  • Over 20GB of company video.  Most of which I have uploaded into our content delivery network, but in some cases I am the only one with the raw copy
  • My entire Skype history (which I HATE losing)
  • My “getting things done” application that is invaluable to my daily job of keeping track of my to-do items.  It is a local app with no online synchronization.  Call me old fashioned.
  • 1Gb of image files
  • over 50 Photoshop files used during brain storming and application design specs
  • a record of all of my expenses since I started here at Kaseya

This is a pretty good list.  There are obviously a bunch of programs and  odds and ends that might be fairly important as well, but if I lost them it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Now let’s take a step back and really look at the list.  Could I upload all of this into the cloud?Maybe, but I am a “lazy enduser” living in fairy tale land where laptop computers don’t fail.  I am safe here.  The truth is my office has a 10MB up and down Internet connection, but I don’t feel I have the time or patience to upload all of these files manually.  After all I have an incredible IT department that can restore anything I need.  Right?

Remote Backup Software is a Necessity

After running through this exercise myself, I am more convinced than ever that remote backup is no longer a luxury, but a paramount piece of IT.

The bottom line is that laptops need some form of remote backup software installed and running on them at all times.  There is still too much important data out there to just depend on the cloud for everything.  If you don’t believe me, see for yourself, the cloud does fail.

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