Kaseya Free makes remote access technology accessible to everyone


Kaseya has unveiled Kaseya Free, which provides secure remote access on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. The offering is part of Kaseya 2, the next generation of the company’s IT management suite.

Kaseya Free is based on the same proven functionality that Kaseya’s large IT service provider, corporate IT and government customers rely on for efficient, secure and reliable remote access and IT automation.

The Free product is designed to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile global workforce that depends on secure remote access to home and work computers. Kaseya Free will also meet the needs of IT professionals, IT hobbyists and others who occasionally need access to remote computers for a wide variety of reasons.

Kaseya Free provides a series of useful features, including: remote desktop access, 2-way file management and full video and chat communication with the remote user. Kaseya Free was built to be simple and secure so that every user can feel comfortable when accessing sensitive information over the Internet.

“We have a proven remote access technology that we wanted to make available to everyone. Kaseya Free will provide real value and utility to users,” said Gerald Blackie, CEO of Kaseya. “Best of all, as users’ needs get more sophisticated, or their needs change, they can move into more advanced Kaseya products with no re-training, re-installation, re-configuration or the hassle of switching to another vendor…we have a full lifecycle of products to help folks as their needs grow. We also intend to add functionality and additional platform support in the short term,” added Blackie.

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