Kaseya Penetrates New Markets, Bringing Innovative IT Systems Management Solutions to New Generation of Users


Kaseya brings the power of its new generation of systems management tools to virtually anyone who manages IT systems. The recently announced Kaseya 2 line of products brings a re-engineered product framework, rich new applications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options and advanced functionality, allowing Kaseya to scale up and down to meet customer requirements within various market segments.

“The needs of a small office/home office user are different than the needs of an IT service provider, which are different than the needs of a corporate IT manager,” according to Jim Alves, EVP of product marketing and strategy at Kaseya. “The customer deserves the right to determine which features and functionality they prefer and not be handcuffed by a vendor’s delivery or packaging restrictions. We believe our customers’ business model should determine the solution we provide to them.”

Through a more flexible and extensible IT systems management framework, flexible user interface, comprehensive applications and an ITIL-based design, Kaseya can meet customer requirements for a variety of markets. Kaseya’s feature set can be scaled up or down to align with the requirements of each segment, which include:

  • SOHO (small office/home office)
  • Break / Fix IT service providers
  • Remote support and troubleshooting service providers
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Managed service providers
  • Corporate IT departments
  • IT outsourcers

Kaseya 2 was created with the technical and business needs of each market and customer in mind. It is tailored to provide the right functionality at the right price for IT personnel, IT departments and IT service providers of all sizes, because its core technology provides the framework to deliver these capabilities.

“The ITIL framework of best practices for IT process improvements clearly identifies the use of automated tools as critical to the success of IT management,” added Steve Brasen, principal analyst for Enterprise Management Associates. “With Kaseya 2, IT administration practices – such as problem, incident and configuration management – have been greatly simplified, enabling a holistic and comprehensive service delivery platform for today’s dynamic IT infrastructures.”

“Our vision is to provide innovative technology to every IT professional out there, regardless of how many endpoints they’re managing,” said Gerald Blackie, CEO of Kaseya. “Our years of working with IT professionals of all types have given us valuable insight and guided Kaseya’s engineering efforts to deliver on this vision. The Kaseya 2 IT Management Suite brings a complete family of products that meet that need from top to bottom. It is a breakthrough line of products – with optional availability through SaaS – all of which address the unique requirements, preferences, budgets, expertise and business objectives of those who manage IT systems.”

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