To Infinity and Beyond….


In today’s environment of every increasing numbers of connected machines, systems management and automation of key maintenance and monitoring tasks is paramount to success. Here at Kaseya we are committed to not only meeting the needs of our customers today, but anticipating and being the leader with solutions to manage the challenges IT professionals will face in the future.

No longer is the sky the limit.  Kaseya is excited to announce a thrilling new product in a thrilling new kind of solution for IT professionals everywhere.

Kaseya Galactic Automation. The first RRMM (Really Remote Monitoring and Management) solution for this world and beyond.

With the new dawn of private space travel being pioneered by companies like Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX, the new limit goes beyond the stars. To get there requires the most advanced engineering and systems that exist in the world today. Kaseya Galactic Automation was built specifically for this new frontier and will include features like:

  • Bio-waste monitoring (because a plunger is tricky to use in zero G)
  • Real-time CO2 footprint monitoring during launches
  • Automated management of Tang supplies
  • Automated window management (to keep the sun out of your eyes while spacewalking)

Couple these advanced features with the core parts of the Kaseya Solution like remote control, file transfer, remote task management, application deployment, and our backup solutions to ensure that all cosmos-bound IT assets will function optimally during those truly “offsite” meetings.

The product teams here at Kaseya were contacted by a coalition of private space corporations, lead by Jiang Zou Space, Inc, including Splatsky Space Travel and Les Avion Galactique to develop this cutting edge product.

“RRMM is the wave of the future, and Kaseya is happy to be a part of ensuring that IT pros everywhere can, with confidence, support even the most remote workers or out-of-this-world office locations.”

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