Geeks love Data. Do your prospects?

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I doubt many, if any, of our service provider customers are doing business without a web page.  It just so happens that geeks don’t tend to be the best designers. (This is true for CFOs, Sales, operations, etc.)  The point is that, in our average service provider customers’ office, there isn’t a full time marketing designer on staff. As a result, many times as product mixes change its usually left to someone who isn’t a design pro to update the website and add the DATA.  Geeks like data.  It feels good to tell everyone ALL the things you can do.  In most cases, this probably isn’t the best bet for the root of your home page.

More than ever, the average consumer, even those shopping for IT services, aren’t better at judging websites than ever before.  That first virtual impression is critical.  Just like you don’t stack whitepapers and product manuals near the front door to your office for people to see when they come in, you shouldn’t do the web equivalent and crowd your homepage with too much data.

Your web site should lead your prospects to the products and descriptions that you most want them to buy.  Many IT folks love their certs.  The more letters  on your business card or email signature, the better right?  Let me challenge you that if there is some unique skill that you have on staff, but it doesn’t allow for good profit and isn’t in high demand, then it may not even need to be mentioned on the home page or your card, or your email sig.  If it builds a part of your brand story, then go for it, mention it, but don’t let it distract your prospects from what you REALLY want to sell them.  If that doesn’t make sense and you’re more of the “I’ll sell them anything I can if they are willing to buy” then I would suggest you watch Luke Mysse’s Branding Your Company’s Unique DNA session from Kaseya Connect.

Here is another good resource if your contemplating the quality of your home page design:

Here are 8 tips for Homepage Design from the OPEN Forum Blog.


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