Proactive Enterprise Systems Management in the Real World

Reactive (crossed out) - Proactive

It’s too late to attack systems management problems after they’ve impacted your customers. Proactively optimize the availability of your applications and infrastructure before problems arise. You should be able to manage and implement IT systems management  changes with minimal disruption and maintain or lower the costs of providing quality services to your customers.

As an IT professional, you carry the responsibility of maintaining the very lifeline of a company through the availability of its networks and systems. You are ultimately accountable for IT systems management, status reporting and corporate compliance. Despite budget restraints, possible reduction in personnel and often limited resources, you have a commitment to:

  • Hardware asset inventory management
  • Software asset inventory management
  • Monitoring of CPU utilization
  • Monitoring of disk space
  • Monitoring of available memory
  • Monitoring of NIC performance
  • Monitoring of errors
  • Escalation of issues
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware monitoring and review
  • Critical server availability checks
  • Event log monitoring and review
  • Back-up monitoring and review
  • Basic response time monitoring and review
  • Performance metrics monitoring and review

IT systems management automation is the key to delivering a proactive, results-based IT service model. An IT systems management solution that automates periodic IT tasks is required to manage and maintain systems and devices.

  • Automate error-prone IT tasks such as backup and recovery, provisioning, deployment and resource configuration for consistent, cost-effective systems management.
  • Deploy critical software updates and patches quicker and easier, reducing end-user downtime and IT systems management support costs.
  • Meet your customers’ expectations by monitoring the response time they experience for an entire transaction, not just pieces of it.
  • Isolate problems quickly with end-to-end visibility.

Keys to systems management success include improving productivity, expanding visibility, providing consistency and automating the IT services process. It’s about being proactive versus reactive and offering a menu of full service IT systems management solutions for your clients.

Learn how to improve your enterprise’s IT systems management capabilities. Listen to this webinar, “When Technology IS the Business, Effective IT Management is Critical” for ways you can cost-effectively manage information technology across the enterprise.

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