Controlling Government IT Systems Management Costs in a Down Economy. Yes… You Can Do More With Less.

Let’s face it, in these uncertain economic times, businesses and governmental agencies are looking to control costs wherever possible. Decision makers are reviewing all expenditures to see where to cut costs and install greater efficiencies. All levels of government are having to do more with less.

One way to do to more with less is to use cost-efficient IT systems management technology to enable civic employees with the tools and information they need to effectively serve the local population. For example, take Hagerstown, a small city in northwest Maryland. Its mission is to deliver police, fire, water, sewer, electricity, trash and other municipal services to 35,000 residents while maintaining customer service levels and controlling costs.

Hagerstown’s distributed environment required IT administrators to drive to remote offices around the city to fix problems and update systems management software. This severely limited their IT staff’s ability to proactively manage IT systems and ensure they’re running optimally. Because on-site visits could take hours, administrators waited until multiple issues arose so they could consolidate trips and cut down on time spent traveling.

In order to send bills to utility customers, cash checks and mark bills received, employees also needed reliable access to the city’s billing system. Customer service representatives needed access to the system to resolve billing or service issues. Delays caused by downtime were costing the city thousands of dollars due to lost interest from collected revenue. Optimum solution? No way. But things soon changed for the city of Hagerstown. Here’s how.

Automated IT Systems Management Solution

With an automated IT systems management solution in place, Hagerstown can now eliminate the daily strain of IT service delivery, automate daily IT tasks, manage devices in multiple locations, efficiently manage hundreds of systems through one interface, increase the security of their IT environment and minimize the challenges of maintaining compliance.

To ensure the availability of Hagerstown’s mission-critical applications, the city deployed a remote automatic systems management solution from Kaseya that gives IT administrators a complete view of systems in the distributed network. Through a powerful software license management module and a streamlined patch management strategy, the city is now able to ensure that workstations are always online and running optimally, and that civic employees have access to mission-critical business applications.

Now, Hagerstown’s patch management and software deployment is better controlled, streamlining IT operations and ensuring consistency of the city’s network security strategy. Better visibility into systems on the network gives their administrators a snapshot of IT resources at any time, reducing the time it takes to conduct annual audits from three weeks to ten minutes. And, technical support issues are resolved in less than 10 minutes, down from two hours previously.

Download the Hagerstown case study to learn more about how this city government cost-effectively improved their IT systems management capabilities and availability of mission-critical systems.

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