Remote Systems Management: It’s All About Finding the Right Monitoring Tools

Swiss Army Knife

More and more IT service providers are moving away from the break-fix service model by automating their services with remote systems management tools. What if you could remotely monitor and manage customer devices, automate routine IT services and fix issues on desktops and servers with a solution designed specifically for IT services automation? Well, you can.

Take Staples Network Services by Thrive®, an IT service provider managing five thousand devices. Dylan O’Connor, the CTO of Staples Network Services by Thrive® (SNST) describes the Kaseya platform as “the Swiss Army knife of IT systems management tools.” What he means by this is that Kaseya’s robust, comprehensive set of remote systems management tools has enabled SNST to do whatever is needed for their clients.

SNST evaluated several IT systems management platforms before choosing Kaseya for its unmatched functionality. O’Connor said, “Kaseya is a remote systems management tool that allows us to actually think differently about product development. Before we launch, we can accurately determine the level of service we’re comfortable committing to, in providing support for that product. There was no way we could do that before. In all phases of our business, Kaseya enables us to be more agile.”

As SNST’s managed services business has grown, Kaseya has been able to grow with them enabling the different services they wanted to deliver. “We can count on Kaseya to do a number of things that are critical to us operationally. It also provides several tools that are critical to our customers as well.”

In order to survive in today’s competitive IT services market, service companies who want to thrive need to find a better way to deliver their services. Automating IT systems management should be the immediate goal of any company that plans to stay in business as market pressures increase. Becoming a managed services provider should be your next objective. To ensure success, consider the remote systems management solutions that are currently available… and choose one that will meet all your needs today and tomorrow.

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