How Well Do Corporate Decision Makers Understand IT and Systems Management Automation?

Corporate decision makers don’t always understand IT and the need for systems management automation! And we know where this leads to… miscommunication, misunderstandings and missed opportunities. It’s essential that you communicate the accomplishments of your team, the current state of your IT systems management environment and what you’ll need going forward to support business goals. Like it or not, politics does play a role in budget planning and development of priorities. If no one understands what you’re doing, it’s going to be difficult to get the budget you need to competently fulfill your responsibilities.

As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” The onus is on you to explain what your people do, the value that your company realizes from their activities and the contribution a smooth running IT operation and systems management automation makes to the business’s bottom line. Corporate executives are going to be skeptical if you are unable to communicate these metrics clearly and concisely.

An automated, customizable reporting infrastructure enables the communication of relevant information to corporate decision makers in language they understand, and in their preferred format. Kaseya systems management automation solution produces easy-to-read reports that help you keep your corporate decision makers informed of current status, future needs and your value to their business. These reports also help you plan for scheduled maintenance, upgrades and expansions. Reports can be run at the push of a button and are produced in simple, easily understood language.

Kaseya reports can be customized using report parameters and filtered by organization, machine group, machine ID or view definition. You can output reports to PDF, HTML or Excel formats and brand reports with your own logo. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically and on a recurring basis. They can be private or shared and may be automatically distributed to your preconfigured list of email recipients.

You see, managing IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be thankless or difficult after all. Kaseya systems management automation enables you to manage your IT assets more efficiently without being a nuisance to users… resulting in improved productivity and raising your reputation within the company.

Learn more on how systems management automation can help your organization save both time and money! Download this free whitepaper on the “Top 10 IT Systems Management Pain Points” and our solution for making your life easier.

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