Using IT Strategic Roadmaps to Win More, and Better Managed Services Contracts

Webinar Replay – Using IT Strategic Plans to Win More – And Better – Managed Services Contracts
Webinar Replay – Using IT Strategic Plans to Win More – And Better – Managed Services Contracts

MSP Service Delivery Best Practices – Using IT Strategic Plans to Win More – And Better – Managed Services Contracts (originally aired May 2012)

Led by services architect and service delivery expert John Kilian of AntFarm, Inc, this webinar presented MSP service delivery best practices for using IT strategic plans to win more – and better – MSP contracts.

As a sneak peak of the session, John’s presentation on MSP service delivery best practices:

  1. How to create an IT Strategic Plan that aligns with MSP client business needs
  2. How to protect your managed services revenue from poachers
  3. How to synchronize clients’ technology lifecycle to changes in their business
  4. How to “own” the plan


In a further peak, the following is a short summary of John’s extensive content, which includes examples of Strategic IT Plans, Strategic IT Roadmaps, and budgeting scenarios that provide more effective managed services – for you and for your MSP clients:

  • Creating the IT Strategic Plan – John describes how to prepare a time-based plan for the evolution of an organization’s IT capabilities and infrastructure, how to build the plan based on business needs and technology lifecycles, why the plan provides the basis for IT budgeting, and how to manage the plan as a dynamic document with your MSP client
  • Protecting Your Managed Service Offerings – Hear how to deliver the plan and make it useful and usable so that it helps YOU increase services sales through a stronger value proposition, improve client retention, and recapture product revenue from solutions that support the plan as YOUR recommendations
  • Synchronizing Clients’ IT Lifecycle Changes – Kilian shares how to use your managed services to ensure IT is performing optimally, where to focus monitoring and analysis to validate that IT service levels are meeting current needs, how to spot near-term changes to ensure that service levels are met cost effectively, how to indentify pending business changes and the impact those changes will have on IT, and how to use strategic planning to ensure IT capability will support the future needs of the business
  • Owning the Plan – John describes how your IT Strategic Plan “locks you in” as it aligns to meet the needs of your MSP customers and how your plan helps ensure IT is delivering to service levels needed for the business

To hear the entire session, register and listen to the recording at you own pace, on your own time. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to create a more effective MSP marketing plan that helps you win more customers.

Let us know what you think. And feel free to pass it along. If you liked it and want more, check out our upcoming webinars (and archived ones, too).

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