Be an IT Hero: Prevent Data Loss When Disasters Happen

With ever increasing risks and more dependence on technology, IT outages are becoming more common and more costly. We’ve reached a critical juncture. As IT professionals, it’s critical that we prevent data loss when disasters happen.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) focuses on events such as natural disasters, extreme weather, major IT failures, critical infrastructure failures, etc. In today’s world of global 24×365 operations, downtime is simply unacceptable. The business doesn’t care what caused the downtime; it wants service restored as quickly as possible with as little data loss as possible.

Disaster Recovery Data Loss

The majority of business processes are technology enabled or technology dependent. In fact, there are often no manual procedures to fall back on in preventing data loss when IT services fail. According to a joint Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal survey, 82% of BC decision-makers and influencers feel that their organization’s risk level is increasing. The top risks below are increasing:

  1. Reliance on technology
  2. Business complexity
  3. Intensity of natural disasters

Whatever the cause of your business/IT interruption, how you prepare to respond will determine the length and severity of your disaster. Only 35% of businesses have a disaster recovery plan and only 28% regularly test their plan.

Would you like to have simple and automated centralized management of your backup and recovery, so you can ensure your plans are in place and on track? With a data loss prevention tool such as Kaseya System Backup and Restore (KSBR), you can.  Powered by the industry leading StorageCraft ShadowProtect engine, it provides imaged-based backup technology to take live real-time snapshots of your entire network for fast, complete system recovery and data loss protection.

A centralized management approach and single-pane-of-glass view are at the heart of KSBR. IT professionals have the ability to leverage their current StorageCraft investment from within the familiar Kaseya environment. There’s no need to scrap your previous investments in StorageCraft licensing.

Try the new System Backup and Restore data loss prevention and recovery tool today.

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