Customers Chime in About Ways to Leverage The Latest Features In Kaseya

Now that Vegas has mostly recovered from our visit during Kaseya Connect 2013, we’d like to share with you a little bit from one of this year’s best sessions: “Customer Perspectives on Leveraging the Power of 6.3.”

The best information about the value of the lastest version of  Kaseya, comes from service provider customers who have already deployed it and can share the ways that it has helped them become better at proactively managing IT assets by applying a consistent process that uses the discover, manage, automate, validate methodology.

Although a recording of the full session is available below, I would like to share a few of the key points about the value of Kaseya 6.3 made by each of the participants.

“With the new reporting engine you are definitely able to pull a lot more out of the system than you could before. Instead of just the pre-canned reports or aggregate tables, you can really get in the database and pull nice, pretty charts, graphs, reports…We have been leveraging badges pretty heavily…what a badge does is you can give special instructions on an agent. It’s a pretty handy little feature to be able to leave a special instruction for my techs.”  – Scott Brown, President of TimbuckTech, Inc. of Peoria, IL

“I’m just crazy about the agent procedure editor…copy and paste, multitab editing is great, undo, go to line…it feels like a real scripting language… I have been leveraging it with policy management module to automate remediation and to eliminate superfluous tickets.”  -Brian Dagan, Senior Systems Support Engineer from CWPS of Washington, DC

“Machine search. I can’t tell you how much machine search has meant to us. The ability to stay on what you’re doing without losing where you are. There is discussion that machine search may not be just machine search but that the future is ability to search tickets, knowledge base.” -Brian Greene, President of Adaptive Technology Group, LLC of Seattle, WA

“We manage 1500 endpoints and about ten percent of them are MAC OS. We have been using Kaseya for five years. As of 6.3, KLC remote control is using the native X11 VNC server on MAC OS 10, so that significantly improved our ability to remote control macs, and the connection is much more consistent.” -Kerry DeVilbiss, Tools Manager for Anchor Point IT Solutions in Santa Barbara, CA

Discover the rest of the ways that Kaseya customers are leveraging 6.3. Catch the full session of “Customer Perspectives on Leveraging the Power of 6.3” now!

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