The Benefits of Benchmarking Your IT Management Maturity

If your IT group is like most IT organizations at mid-sized companies, your team faces an ever-growing set of IT challenges. As if existing complexity wasn’t enough, new trends like cloud and mobility are placing significant new requirements on your already strained staff and budgets.

The number of projects continues to grow and your team can’t possibly work any harder. So what’s to be done?

At Kaseya, we’ve seen how an IT groups’ management maturity can dramatically impact their efficiency, service quality and end user satisfaction. Most importantly, IT organizations with higher levels of maturity are able to free up time so they can stop fighting fires and, instead, focus on projects that drive business results and end-user satisfaction.

So what’s the first step? First, find out where you are and, then, develop a plan for where you want to go. To help you, Kaseya has developed an IT Management Maturity Model specifically for mid-sized companies because existing IT maturity models were only relevant for much larger enterprises.

We’re defining IT Management Maturity as a way of describing the people, technology and processes within IT that deliver and maintain your IT services. This model consists of five levels, starting with a purely reactive state and progresses through a series of stages to the optimized state of IT operations in which IT offers documented and well-understood value to the business and actively participates in business strategy creation and execution.

So, what’s your Maturity Level? Download Benchmarking Your IT Maturity to read more about our Model and see where your IT group lands.

Then, look at a series of eBooks that review the top three steps to transition from Reactive to Efficient, Efficient to Proactive, Proactive to Aligned, and Aligned to Strategic.

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