How Endpoint Management (aka Remote Management) Helps Support Enterprise Growth

If you are considering growing your business, you are not alone. However, have you analyzed what that growth might mean to your IT operations? For example, when you grow your business through mergers and acquisitions, how do you integrate it all so everything runs smoothly? How do you manage security measures over a widening network? How do you effectively troubleshoot when your infrastructure may be spread over multiple locations? How do you make sure any regulatory compliance is met throughout your growth?

Most importantly, how do you do all this with limited resources while trying to keep costs in check?  You need to make endpoint management a part of any growth strategy. IT managers in all industries face a similar struggle, but let’s look at the banking and credit union industry in particular.

The Hard Numbers

CDW released studies in 2015 on what credit union and bank senior executives expect for 2015, and overall growth was a priority. 31% of the bank officials surveyed said that they would increase the number of bank branches, and 52% said they expected to have staff increases. The executives saw their IT budget increase an average of 10% from 2013 to 2014, and they expected to increase their investment in technology for 2015.

Even though technology was important to those surveyed, the studies revealed that over 75% of the executives wished they knew more about technology. Yet, most did not have committees to explore technology trends and solutions. Alarmingly, fewer than one in five felt they had satisfactory risk management in place.

What the Numbers Mean

Simply put, the figures above show that CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs of financial services institutions want to grow their businesses. Yet, they have worries about growing due to the lack of staff and not enough knowledge on the part of those in charge. The answer is to turn to an endpoint management solution. Endpoint refers to any computer device on a network, which can include desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. An endpoint, or remote, management system discovers, manages, and controls those devices.

The right endpoint management brings efficiency and cost savings to your operation, two factors necessary for successful growth. How does a good endpoint management system do that? To paraphrase JRR Tolkien:

One Console to Rule Them All

A good endpoint management system gives you the ability to control all your devices from one interface. Being web-based means access anywhere you have an internet connection, from any device. What other features do you need from your endpoint management technology?

  • Centralized management of all devices, no matter the OS or type of device
  • Real-time control and management
  • Centralized reporting to support compliance procedures
  • Scalability to fit your needs at any time
  • Automation of as many processes as possible, including pushing out updates, patches, and security fixes automatically as needed

Advantages of a Remote Management Solution

  • Grows with you – You don’t need to hire additional IT staff to cover the additional resources at outside locations. Just add more agents to allow your existing IT staff to do more work remotely, increasing efficiency. Speed up onboarding and get devices that have been brought in through your growth configured to be consistent throughout your organization.
  • Automated patching and updating lessens the workload – Free your staff for more critical or productive duties. Automation means patches and updates will be applied efficiently. They won’t be forgotten or overlooked, something that is possible when you lose track of devices spread across different locations
  • Automation also improves security – Fast, automatic patching of OSes and software applications across all your branches lessens the likelihood of vulnerabilities. Remote endpoint management means your team is in control rather than relying on users to remember or properly install security updates on their own. Instead, patches are applied according to the schedule and policies you establish.
  • Training is simplified – Having all your endpoint management centralized in one system, your team only needs to learn one solution that integrates across your operation with all the services you need to properly and efficiently manage all your devices. No more installing and learning a collection of tools that may not even be compatible with each other.
  • Makes Compliance Simpler – As you grow, more devices and additional staff means more to monitor. Reports can be automated for auditing, proof of patching is recorded, and user access can all be controlled from one centralized console.
  • Eases Knowledge Concerns – You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough technical knowledge about making your business efficient, or whether you know everything necessary for compliance regulation. Endpoint management solutions take care of much of that for you automatically.

Bottom Line

As you grow your organization, your assets will grow and managing your assets will become more and more difficult. The challenge is not to let this slow down your growth. The right endpoint management solutions provider will deliver the tool you need to grow successfully and efficiently. With remote management, you work smarter, accomplish more, and know that you are helping the business grow while saving money in operating costs.

To learn more about how the Kaseya endpoint management solution can help you grow, download our eBook “The Time-Strapped IT Pro’s Guide to Getting More Done” here:

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