GUEST BLOG: Do You Tolerate a Lack of Faith in Your MSP Marketing Strategy?

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In the original box office, smash hit Star Wars there is a famous scene where a General goes on a tirade doubting Darth Vader’s ability to find the missing Death Star plans.  Vader responds swiftly to discipline this skeptical employee by choking him using his force abilities.  Then he reprimands him by saying, “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

Do MSPs tolerate a lack of faith in their marketing strategy?

The Weakness

In my 17 years of experience working in the MSP community I have noticed that many IT executives have a hard time disciplining or firing rouge employees. I am talking about the staff that compose a typical MSP from the technical people all the way to HR and even management.  When rouge staff members openly question the marketing strategy and constantly express doubts they often don’t face any consequences from tech executives.  I am not sure if these liberal IT owners are overlooking this bad behavior because they don’t clearly understand the problem or are afraid to take decision action.

The Danger

When key staff members express their lack of faith in the companies MSP marketing strategy, it represents a much larger problem!  These employees are putting IT executives on notice that they don’t believe in the company’s marketing vision.  If they are willing to say out loud that they don’t support the vision then it’s a sign that they won’t physically support the vision either.  This means that these rouge employees will not lift a finger to physically support this marketing initiative.  In many cases, these dissidents move past just slacking off and start working against the company’ by spreading their rebellion to their coworkers.  These bad apples can even go to the extreme of sabotaging other employees, that are team players, making them look bad to erode support for certain marketing agendas.

If you don’t believe this type of rebellion happening in the workplace then you just should tune into shows like the Apprentice where you can witness a player sabotaging their own team.  It is not uncommon to see a player on this show stop working on the project to make the team leader look bad in the boardroom.  Sometimes you will see teams split up into cliques that work against each other. Often this type of Machiavellian behavior happens when an employee puts their own career advancement above the bottom line interest of the company.


The reality is that open rebellions can happen within IT company’s if executives allow staff to develop a lack of confidence in their MSP marketing strategy.  If doubt is tolerated then it can evolve into internal sabotage and ultimately bring down an MSP business.  No doubt Darth Vader understood that if he allowed doubt to go unchecked it could have brought down the Empire.  Therefore, the one thing we can learn from Darth Vader is that an MSP should take immediate action to reprimand or fire rouge employees, just don’t go around choking any one!

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Posted by David Walter
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