simpleroute Boosts Efficiency, Security with Move to IT Complete

simpleroute, a managed service provider in Vermont, tries to give local businesses efficient IT solutions and an utterly transparent customer experience.

To do so, the MSP knew it needed a robust RMM/PSA solution. Unfortunately, the first products it chose far from fit the bill. The simpleroute team suffered from unreliable patching reports and the need to rebuild custom scripts after system upgrades. “When customers started to notify us about issues that our RMM tools should have been alerted us to, we knew it was time for a change,” remembered Brett Johnson, simpleroute founder.

In response, the MSP moved to the Kaseya VSA and IT Complete platform, which now provides simpleroute with reliable cybersecurity and an enhanced technician experience.

VSA Core to simpleroute

Prior to moving to VSA, Johnson’s team struggled with custom scripting that had to be rebuilt from scratch with each upgrade to its previous RMM platform. On top of that, sluggish connection speeds hampered simpleroute’s ability to service customers. “As a technician, you spend most of your day in your monitoring tool to connect to systems and work on issues. So the time lost waiting to sign in or for computer windows to load had a great impact on the team’s productivity,” Johnson explained.

Switching to VSA by Kaseya was easy. “In this market, RMM has to come first. I was lucky to have a former Kaseya user on our team, who told me ‘Well, I never had these issues when I used VSA in regards to patching, system updates, and login time.’ The switch to VSA has been night and day,” said Johnson.

Critical Patching Issues Solved

Inconsistent patching is a major cause of data breaches, as many learned firsthand during 2017’s WannaCry ransomware attack. “When WannaCry hit, many organizations realized that their RMM solution was not patching the way they were led to believe. It made people say to themselves ‘Oh I thought we were 100 percent compliant, we’re not?’ Fortunately, we moved to Kaseya two weeks prior to the attack because having our clients’ IT environments securely patched, and therefore safeguarded against hackers, was of the utmost importance to our business,” Johnson explained. “With VSA, we are rock-solid stable. We’ve never had to worry if a Windows agent was out of date, or if we were out of compliance. Patching is one of my favorite aspects of the product,” Johnson added.

The Power of IT Complete and Reporting Made Easy with BMS Integrations

Kaseya also helped simpleroute deliver more efficient services through the ease and functionality of BMS by Kaseya. “We knew VSA was the right RMM platform for our team, but we couldn’t risk losing a seamless integration between our RMM and PSA. So we knew that BMS was the clear-cut choice for us,” Johnson stated.

Shortly after its implementation, the team realized the power of Kaseya’s IT Complete platform and the added capabilities BMS could bring to the business. “For us, the switch to BMS put us in a position where we could seamlessly perform tasks within VSA and simultaneously manage the business without interruption.  On top of that, we can now leverage BrightGauge business intelligence data to report on metrics like ticket data, KPIs, and system performance within BMS. Being able to merge that data together in a single pane of glass helps us make better, more informed decisions with our clients,” Johnson confirmed. “Long term it’s going to enable us to sit down with our clients and have a real discussion with them on the state of their IT, whereas we could not do that without BrightGauge and BMS in the mix.”

Read the full case study to learn how switching to Kaseya improved efficiency and security for simpleroute.


Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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