BEHOLD: SysAdmin Appreciation Day is Almost Here!

Top 5 Signs You're Living with Jurassic IT

Not that you need a reason to celebrate these unsung heroes, but Friday, July 27 is world SysAdmin Appreciation Day. A day dedicated to celebrating IT pros and everything that they do. Popularly know as Sysmas, it is celebrated on the last Friday of July every year, since 2000.

Why do we Need to Celebrate SysAdmins?

These are the guys who install and make sure your mail and file servers are running fine and your system has all the applications you need to have a smooth workflow. They conduct regular checks for system updates, patches and configuration changes, among others. If it were not for these SysAdmins, it would be like living in the 80’s with no internet, or worse, you would be living in the age of Jurassic IT.

A SysAdmin’s Take on Jurassic IT

Technology is taking giant leaps every passing minute. A hyperloop will have conducted its trial run by the time you finish reading this blog. Amid these stunning advances, how do you decide if your organization is keeping up with the modern IT?

Some questions to ask:

  1. Are you still using a VPN for off-network patching?A VPN should not be part of your core off-network endpoint management strategy. If you are failing to facilitate communication just because someone went home, it’s time  to reconsider how you patch.
  2. How strong is your first-alert monitoring game?Are end-user screams your first-alert monitoring system or do you know something is down before they do? Monitoring is critical. Know your systems, set intelligent alerts and enable auto-remediation for endpoint management systems.
  3. Your layered security mantra is ‘it won’t happen to me!’This is arguably the biggest issue with cybersecurity right now. We are almost ready to put a human footprint on Mars and you still think it can’t happen to you? Times have changed, and whether your company deals with sensitive data or not, everyone is at risk.
  4. Automation= Hiring an internThe model of “add more headcount” to improve operations simply doesn’t scale. Automation takes the easily replicated tasks off the to-do list right away, which means you won’t need a full-time staff member dedicated to operating them.
  5. You need 4 backup systems to ensure data recovery
    The purpose of backup is recovery. Sure, the medium on which you back up matters, but so too does your approach. By focusing on disaster recovery as much as backup, you can have a single, streamlined backup solution that is far more effective than four disparate systems.

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Back to our  Honorees

With Kaseya, every SysAdmin is a winner on SysAdmin Day. Your success drives our success, and in that vein we would like to thank our SysAdmins with appropriate panache is the goal of the Kaseya SysAdmin Day contest and celebration.

Learn how you can evolve your IT with Kaseya by entering our contest . Five lucky winners will take home a crate of IT Survival Gear. This curated collection of useful and fun items is valued at over $500.

Entering guarantees you walk away with a prize. Everyone who signs up will get a free SysAdmin Day T-shirt from Kaseya.

Enter the Contest here for a chance to win.

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