Stop Living with Jurassic IT

The year is 2018, but too many IT shops are living in the past, using outdated tools that waste IT admins time, do a poor job or managing and securing endpoints, and fostering an immature approach to IT. We call this Jurassic IT.

If your organization is not reaping the hoped-for benefits of its IT spending, chances are high that you are living in a Jurassic IT world. Worryingly, the time lost on using poor office systems and equipment only leads to lost opportunities and lost profits.

MMEs in particular struggle to keep up with day-to-day IT system processes. Smart MMEs seek solutions with better visibility and control, so they can channel their time towards making strategic business decisions. While their IT needs remain similar to that of a larger enterprise, MME budgets are tighter and expectations just as high.

Stuck in yesteryear

There was a time when desktops were the king and organizations only had to deal with a few wired devices. Fast forward to 2018, organizations are dealing with a new breed of workforce, one not constrained by a brick and mortar office and tethered to an Ethernet cable. Today the workforce is rarely disconnected, and neither are the devices they use. A lot of your corporate data and applications are hosted on these devices and they need to be secured with near total uptime. While the need for next-generation endpoint management runs higher than ever, the midmarket finds itself stuck with:

Point solutions with multiple logins, multiple integrations, and remote control tools, all topped up by a hefty monthly bill. Not only are these solutions cobbled up and inflexible, they are difficult to change over time and come with serious integration issues. Also, if the mechanisms gets derailed, techs spend amazing amounts of time working across toolsets to fix the problem.

Legacy Solutions that are last generation derivatives of up-market solutions built in the 90’s when endpoints used to stay nicely on their desks and not move around. As organizations expand, the need for collaboration grows multifold and these solutions fail to provide when it comes to features such as off-network functionality and management.

What is needed is a unified platform that combines the business needs of midsized organizations with the richest current and forward-looking suite of software applications. A solution that organizations can build managed services around, to meet all the needs of their increasingly demanding customer base.

Innovate before it is too late

The most prevalent IT tools for the midmarket have run their course. They may work, but they were simply not designed with current business requirements in mind. There is a line-up of challenges your organization is expected to face if you are counting on these last generation solutions to get the job done.

  1. Lack of Automation – MMEs need automation aid — and need it now. The time you wasted in finding the expertise, figuring out scripts, writing and testing them, costs you thousands of dollars. Moreover, when a crisis strikes, how can you deal with it quickly when you are busy understanding it?
  2. Patching and Vulnerability Management – Large enterprises have teams and solutions to fight the software vulnerabilities of today’s information systems, in particular patching and software updating. Unfortunately, MMEs often lack the staff and tools to keep systems up to date and fully protected.
  3. Visibility – A good number of prevailing solutions in the midmarket lack a single-pane-of-glass view of application performance and business metrics. If you cannot see it, you cannot manage it and hence, you cannot improve it. What you need is a solution that provides an accurate, comprehensive view of the entire application and infrastructure environment.
  4. Distributed Locations – Distributed work locations adds to the challenges of MME IT with workers demanding anywhere, anytime access to applications from an array of devices. Not to mention the security concerns that revolve around managing these devices.
  5. Security & Compliance– Technology makes it possible for SMBs to compete with larger players. In many ways, size matters less than ever. When it comes to IT security, MMEs are equally at risk as their larger counterparts, but can now use the same caliber of security solutions.

Is my organization living with Jurassic IT?

If any of the above-listed points sound familiar to you, the chances are, YES.

What can you do to change that?

Join Tracy Hernandez,  VP of Product Marketing at Kaseya, as she uncovers the traits of Jurassic IT and helps you figure out a more comprehensive, collaborative and contextual solution. Watch our webinar on Jurassic IT and re-thinking Endpoint Management here.


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