Compliance Made Easier, Faster with Kaseya Acquisition of RapidFire Tools

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Compliance Made Easier, Faster with Kaseya Acquisition of RapidFire Tools

Dealing with compliance rules can be a nightmare for internal IT and MSPs alike, and failure to do so comes with stiff penalties and can even be a career killer.

Certain solutions can make this job easier and your job safer. VSA by Kaseya, secures and reports on your environment, fulfilling a key requirement of most compliance regs. Now Kaseya can go one better as we own RapidFire Tools and have made it a part of our IT Complete solutions portfolio and fully integrated with Kaseya VSA.

RapidFire has a set of three solutions. Network Detective handles security and IT assessments, as well as compliance audits, and is used by more than 6,000 MSPs, and Cyber Hawk does continuous threat detection with alerting. Finally, there is Audit Guru, a tool tailor-made for GDPR and other compliance regulations.

Based on RapidFire technology is Kaseya Compliance Manager (KCM), an all-in-one compliance, IT management, and security solution.

RapidFire itself defined the need for MSPs to perform compliance assessments when it surveyed MSPs about the value of these assessments. It found that service providers often use assessments to start conversations with new prospects, and ultimately gain new clients. One MSP respondent increased revenue by over $12,000 a month.

Learn more about Kaseya and compliance on this resource page.

The MSP View

MSPs see a huge upside to the marriage and the integration of RapidFire tools into the Kaseya IT Complete suite. “The marriage of Kaseya and RapidFire Tools is the right strategy for both companies,” said Mark Shaw, CEO of StoredTech, an MSP with hundreds of clients in the healthcare, municipal government, manufacturing, services and non-profit sectors. “The onus of IT compliance is tremendous with the potential for significant operational and financial consequences for both MSPs and their customers. The ability to oversee compliance requirements and easily provide documentation and evidence to auditors from a single platform, means IT professionals and their customers can have peace of mind.”

Meanwhile, Brett Johnson, president of MSP simpleroute in Burlington, Vermont, talked to CRN about the benefits of RapidFire and Kaseya working together. “Funny, I was just talking to my Kaseya account manager and told him, Kaseya should just buy RapidFire Tools,” Johnson told CRN. “We have been dancing with RapidFire Tools because we see the value of their tools. This acquisition makes it easier for us to decide to work with them. Kaseya will integrate it into its overall Kaseya One management console to make it part of a single pane of glass automation.”

RapidFire Tools Network Detective is an ideal MSP solution. “They can see things like a customer who has too many accounts active in their Active Directory. This lets MSPs tell the owner, ‘Here are all these open accounts that can be used as an entry to your network.’ It works for MSPs who can go into existing and new clients to see if something is not PCI compliant. And it’s great as a way to show where other vendors have failed to take care of security,” Johnson told the publication.

You can read our case study about simpleroute here.

Learn More

Read our white paper “Compliance: How a Layered Approach Helps you Breeze Through Audits here.

Learn more about RapidFire solutions here.

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