How Mid-Market Enterprises Benefit from Lean IT

Lean IT is an extension of the Lean manufacturing and services principles, applied in an IT environment. It focuses on maximizing IT value with fewer resources and inefficiencies.

The lean IT principle comes from the decades-old Toyota system to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in manufacturing. In IT, lean is a methodology that emphasizes the efficient management of IT infrastructure by reducing complexity and increasing productivity.

In today’s digital era, IT professionals in mid-market enterprises (MME) constantly evolve to meet the “need for speed” without adding costs. This is quite a challenge due to MME budget constraints and the constant fight for IT staffing levels.

The Lean IT approach can overcome this challenge by creating a foundation for sustained IT operational excellence in the enterprise.

Eliminate Waste and Reduce Complexity

The first step in lean IT is eliminating waste, and getting rid of overlapping redundant applications/systems that burn money, slow innovation and hinder organizations from identifying new business opportunities. Organizations should look to replace legacy systems, which are complex, rigid and expensive to maintain, with modern solutions.

Having a single command center for infrastructure management – both on-premises, off-premises and cloud, gives professionals a complete unified view of the IT landscape.

Automate Wherever Possible

Lean thinking focuses on value-added flow and the efficiency of the overall system. And this efficiency can be attained with a rigorously stabilized, simplified, standardized, automated management of the IT infrastructure. Automation reduces the risk of human error and makes IT operations more reliable. Automation also ensures consistency. Whether it is automating reports, upgrading applications, scanning your systems for updates or any mundane maintenance task, automation provides transparency and makes staff more effective and efficient, in turn allowing you to spend more time adding value to the strategic business activities.

Automate Monitoring and Maintenance — Performing repetitive maintenance tasks, though essential to keeping workstations and servers performing at their best, leads to boredom and drudgery for IT professionals. This monotonous cycle is overcome by developing scripts that automate these maintenance activities and procedures usually performed manually.

Automate Security — Leveraging automation, organizations can develop processes to scan and install standardized deployments and updates to ensure devices are kept up-to-date without human intervention. The continuous increase in vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats demands your machines are always current through the automatic deployment of patches.

Automate Remediation — Auto-remediation is the process of automation responding to alerts by executing actions that fix the problem. By implementing a solution that promotes policy-based auto-remediation, organizations can identify potential risks, remediate incidents and policy violations – often without IT lifting a finger.

Eliminate Silos by Going Lean

Business agility is often constrained by the lack of agility in IT operations. Implementing Lean IT breaks down the silos and bridges the gap between IT and the business side. By aligning the needs of IT operations with the business, cross-functional teams work in partnership with IT teams to improve business processes.

To sum it up, Lean IT enables organizations to spend less effort on “keeping the lights on”, and repurpose their resources towards activities that provide higher value to the business.

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Divyarthini is a marketing professional with over 4 years of experience in the IT industry which includes 3 years of experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.

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