Go Beyond Patching Manage Software and Vulnerabilities!

VSA’s Software Management module is the only solution that provides unified management, comprehensive visibility, and scalable automation so you can install, deploy, and update all you Windows, Mac, and 3rd party software.

Unified Management

Install, deploy, and update all your Windows, Mac, and 3rd Party software

Comprehensive Visibility

One dashboard shows the complete landscape of patch status in your environment

Scalable Automation

Create default scan and accept, review, reject criteria. Automate using profiles and policies.

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Vulnerability Protection

Visibility to Vulnerabilities (CVEs) by aggregating the patch status of the network in one dashboard

Rapid Distribution On and Off Network

Using the Agent Endpoint Fabric to optimize the delivery of installer packages VSA eliminates the need for a centralized File Share or LAN Cache.

scan & analysis functionality
Scan & Analysis Functionality

Schedule a Scan & Analysis of the network on a regular routine so you can automate updates


Blackout Windows enable you to halt processing during a defined period of time

policy profile
Policy Profiles For Automation of Approval, Review or Reject

Policy Profiles – Simplify updates using standardized, scalable profiles to approve, deny, or provide machine associations

Ability to Command Override Profiles

Ability to Override Profiles allows you to deny a specific patch, KB, or block a specific update to a subset of machines

Migration From VSA Patch Management Module

Migration from VSA Patch Management is supported for customers with VSA who want to evolve their software management service

*Visbility to 3rd Party Patching status is included with core Software Management functionality. However, installation of 3rd Party applications is licensed separately.

** VSA Patch Management remains available though Kaseya recommends new customers configure solely through Software Management