Kaseya’s Position on Partnering with ISVs


Kaseya’s success is, in part, attributed to its world class integrated IT Automation Framework. We “Kaseyans” have a vision consisting of delivering an increasingly rich, more integrated and functionally complete IT business solution built on top of its current IT automation platform. Not only do we believe we can increasingly support the goal of delivering on the IT Managed Service promise but we can support those of our customers who will naturally migrate toward global IT outsourcing and the intricacies associated with these types of businesses. For this goal to be realized, we have to focus on many aspects of the business-needs across a wide variety of disciplines. We Kaseyans are uniquely positioned to tackle this task due to the fact that many of us cut our teeth on one of the world’s top, fully integrated ERP solutions.
Success in these endeavors centers on our ability to provide a cohesive framework around which we, and others, can add functionality: third party ISVs as well our customer’s customization needs. In that regard, we recognize that there has to be several key elements of a “platform” or “framework” in place to support any efforts at creating an eco-system. Kaseya has over two thousand customers as of this writing who are utilizing our systems to deliver IT services. These customers have nearly two million machines at approximately one hundred thousand small businesses world-wide. We feel that this creates a big enough market to incentivize others to support you by providing a rich variety of applications and functionality seamlessly integrated to our Kaseya solution.
The question then becomes how to support this business need – to provide and support the richness of resources that allow creativity to blossom is our challenge. The only way we know how to support this progression is to deliver an Application Programming Interface (API) consisting of an open, two-way exchange of data and a common set of methods for processing relevant transactional objects. Without these elements in place integration is much more painful. Kaseya is working on a comprehensive solution to these issues in conjunction with its next generation platform release.
Since Kaseya does not have a lock on ideas, let alone how to express those ideas as software that will benefit you, fostering support by third parties is a core part of the Kaseya strategy. Arguably, Kaseya is becoming the core IT services delivery component for most of our customers. Without it, their business model regresses to the traditional break/fix mode. We have numerous examples of customers whom the financial condition has been materially affected in a positive manner by the adoption of Kaseya in delivering their IT Managed Services. Thus, it follows that Kaseya is at the core of these businesses. However, it is not possible for Kaseya to support third party applications by writing to the third party ISV’s APIs since Kaseya has no idea what those third parties need in the way of data. Only the third party knows. We recognize that Kaseya produces much of the input needed for external processes much in the same way a purpose manufacturing solution does for that manufacturing business. Back office and other add-on applications take that data and process it into other meaningful forms. Kaseya does not have the resources to support the dozens of third parties who have expressed interest in supporting the Kaseya platform by writing to their API. We at Kaseya could never know their applications the way they do.
So, given that Kaseya has many third party, independent software vendors looking to support the Kaseya platform it makes most sense to foster a rich and varied framework by having them utilize the Kaseya API.
Let me finish by saying that we are excited about the future and what we are doing internally to assist our customers become a force in the IT Managed Services business. We welcome and support each and every third party ISV wishing to support us in this endeavor. It is a very large and growing market and for those who understand the role of the next generation IT Service Provider a unique time of opportunity in the history of the IT Industry.

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