Kaseya 2008


Kaseya has been working on its Kaseya 2008 release for over a year. This release marks a milestone for the company as it contains the basic infrastructure changes to allow us to release many of our next-generation platform extensions. As a result of these changes, functions seemingly as simple as renaming an Agent, can now be handled without effort.

Alongside the changes in the plumbing are many new features that have been exposed in the VSA and add-on modules for this release. I believe these features will result in many tangible benefits to your customers and will make your life easier. Some highlights are:

  1. Scripts. – You will see this category change with the next release. We have moved Scripts from a set of procedural primitives to a closed loop procedure “language” with the addition of file parsing and fetching capabilities in the release. With the next releases, the underpinning changes in Kaseya 2008 provide us with the capability to seriously move into workflow.
  2. Monitoring. – You will notice that there are significant changes in monitoring in the K’08 release. Among these are the ability to distribute the load for management and collection of alerts and alarms over an “unlimited” period of time. Moreover, we have introduced the notion of “State” into the discipline – so that alarms are on or off, for example. That is, not treated like alerts. There are so many other important changes in Monitoring and these include,
      a. Log Archival and Collection
      b. Auto Learn
      c. Import & Export
      d. Log Monitoring
  3. Kaseya User State Management (KUSM) Module.
      a. Green computing initiative
      b. Management of User State
      c. Definition and Enforcement of Desktop Standards
      d. Definition and Enforcement of Desktop Policies
            i. Example, Power, Mapped Drives, Printers
  4. Mac Agent. This should give you an understanding of our cross platform aspirations.
  5. Active Directory support. No explanation needed!
  6. Patch Management.
      a. Patch Approval system was rewritten based on customer feedback
  7. Log Monitoring for Syslog and other generic device and application text log monitoring and reporting
  8. Auto Learn Monitoring
      a. Profiling device or computer
  9. Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES)
      a. Exchange Server support added
      b. Threat management and alerts improvements
  10. Intel vPRO Technology. This industry standard from Intel will provide added green computing benefits, not to mention ease of use for machines so equipped
  11. Remote Control
      a. KVNC was made available for all customers in this release
      b. ActiveX is no longer a requirement to make a connection to a customer
  12. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR)
      a. Dashboard
      b. VSS
      c. Stitching
      d. Virtual Disk Support

These are but a dozen items I can think of that will go a long way to improving your capacity to manage IT infrastructure both local and remote.  

There is significant new functionality coming in the form of additional releases scheduled for this year. Without the underpinning work we did with this release this all-new functionality could not be supported by the platform nor delivered to you.   

Our Controlled Release customers for Kaseya 2008 spent much time and effort providing feedback and assisting us in refining the release and I want to thank them for their superb efforts. While many of you will have had a flawless upgrade experience, there are always issues with such a significant upgrade. Our thanks goes to those customers who, if they did experience an issue during their upgrade process, took the time to file an incident report with all the supporting information needed to track down the issue. It really helps us be responsive and get any hotfixes posted quickly. 

As I write this blog, we have upgraded 50% of the base and less than 2% of the customer-base has reported any significant issues during the transition process (typically these are data dependent so they don’t appear for other customers). During these periods, we move all development and support resources to affect resolution to issues brought to our attention. Kaseya expects to be totally current with all trouble reports within the first week of the release. Keeping in mind that our customer base is managing millions of machines we are very pleased with our development and support team’s efforts in making this the best and smoothest release of a major platform upgrade in our history.
For those of you who did experience upgrade/use issues, I hope you feel that we have been responsive to those issues. We do care about all of our customers and have committed all of our resources to making the upgrade process as painless as possible. I know I don’t need to remind any of you that IT Best Practice demands that you don’t throw the upgrade switch directly on your production system. There are many resources to assist you in understanding the changes in Kaseya 2008 over the previous version 4.8. You can go here for that detail and review the status of the upgrade issues that we have found and fixed. Clearly, for as mission critical that Kaseya is for our customers, it is wise to put the release into a test lab and use your back up data to test out the system on a batch of non-mission critical systems. That way, you can assure yourself that none of your critical services are broken, such as your scripts, before deploying to the full production environment.

Once again, I want to convey my appreciation to all of our customers, for their support and input in driving the continued advancement of the Kaseya technology; our controlled release customers who added their expertise to our market readiness and to the entire Kaseya team for producing this milestone Kaseya release.

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