7 Steps to Finishing 2009 “IT” Strong


Are you ready for the New Year or are you feeling disappointed by everything you didn’t get accomplished in 2008?  No matter how well you did or not, you can start off 2009 "IT" strong. 

Here are a few powerful ways to end the year as well as set the stage for the 2009.

1. Review all of the good things you accomplished this year.  Take a moment and write down all of the IT initiatives, upgrades, new applications, help desk processes, and IT improvements you made this year.  Maybe you introduced a dektop fleet and standardized on a manufacturer or brought in a new IT automation application 😉  that increased end-user support.  If you work with a team, sit in front of a white-board and run through this excercise together.  It feels pretty good to see all of your accomplishments in writing.

2. Send out a company email outlining your successes.  IT is a difficult place to work sometimes and people need to be reminded of the great things that were accomplished while they slept.  After you have accomplished #1 above, draft up a quick email and share it with the firm.  The affirmations will feel good and it will be a great springboard for tackling new challenges in the New Year.

3. Write hand-written thank you notes.  Typically there are key individuals in your personal and business life that assisted in acheiving your goals or objectives.  Sending them a hand-written note expressing your grattitude is an incredible way to extend your thanks and appreciation.  I also believe that this kind of gesture invites them to help you out more in the future. 4. Review your current IT to do list and hit delete.  IT tasks can have many "pie in the sky" items on it.  Be as ruthless as you can and remove as many tasks as possible, without doing them.  Then choose ONE task off the new list and get it done before the end of the year.  Finally, throw the entire list and do not write another one till next year.  You will feel like a million bucks! 5. Clean off your desk.  IT guys are infamous for "messy."  Come in early or leave late one day this week and clean up your desk.   Throw away as much as possible.  Hording stuff that "you might need" NEVER gets used and just takes up room.  Throw away old NT4.0 and Windows 2000 server books that you haven’t touched sinced 1999.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss them and they don’t make you look smart any more.  6. Update your network topology diagram and documentation.  Networks change almost quarterly as WiFi hotspots, routers, switches, and servers get swapped out and upgraded.  A Microsoft Visio diagram refresh, or IT audit software,  helps you get a good picture of what you have now and where you need to go next.  Here is a free Visio stencil set, for server racks, that will help make it look really nice.  Passwords are another one that should be on your list.  Get all network passwords documented in paper format and throw it in a fireproof safe.  You never know if your laptop will make it through the disaster and most times paper will.  7. Rest, relax, and unplug.  Before the New Year comes around be sure to take time and rest.  Unplug yourself from the computer and mobile phone.  Xbox and DVR are totally allowed during this time and are encouraged.  (Please reference this blog post if your wife or girlfriend feel otherwise).  Be sure to use your legs a bit by going for a walk.  A brisk walk and some fresh air helps you focus so you can start thinking about what’s ahead for 2009.  It is going to be a great year!  Happy New Year from Kaseya. This post was inspired by Stepcase Lifehack’s | How to End This Year on a High! Follow me on Twitter | http://twitter.com/chadgniffke

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