Kaseya Support Will Now Be Measured Monthly


Alan Davis – VP, Global Product Services announced, at the user conference, a 6 month goal to improve support at Kaseya. Not only did he state it, but he plans on posting the results on the Kaseya Forum each month. This commitment speaks loudly to his conviction. Here is Alan’s follow up to his announcement at the user conference:

Following on from our User Conference last week, support will be following up each engagement with a short 7 question online satisfaction survey and I would request that you take just a couple of minutes to complete it. The survey will be sent, linked to a particular ticket once it has remained closed for a period of 48 hours. I would ask you to determine your responses based on experience of that particular engagement and complete the survey in all cases as we need to hear how we did in order to continue to improve. For those of you who attended the conference, you will know that in the last survey we received just over a 10% response to these survey requests and I would very much like to take that closer to 100% in order to accurately gauge our progress. I will be publishing the results on this forum monthly as I execute on the improvements I outlined at the conference. In order that we may better address your issues, please raise tickets from your VSA where possible. Give good problem description, steps to reproduce and sample machine id and group id so the techs can take a look. Please also take the time to review the support policy on the support page of the website which gives guidance on how to engage support and what you can expect from us. I look forward to working with you as we implement Service Desk and the customer portal, both of which will enhance our ability to better serve our global community. Best regards Alan Davis

As you can see, he is serious.  This message comes just 4 business days after communicating his intentions at the conference.  Alan is already getting positive feedback.

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