Kaseya Support Sees a 16.9% Increase In Satisfaction


Back on June 5th, I wrote about Alan Davis’s announcement made at the user conference regarding the future monthly measurement and posted metrics of Kaseya support.  Well Alan has kept to his word and I am happy to post his first update.

Dear All,

This feels a little like a State of the Union address as I deliver on my promise at the User Conference last month to share with you where we were, our current situation and the agenda for the months ahead to get us from 68% to 90% satisfaction by year end.

I have spent the month since the conference executing many of the changes I outlined in my presentation. I have visited most of our support locations and I have spoken with every one of the support staff and managers, working with them to make large changes where required and small refinements as necessary, and whilst change is a gradual and continuous process I am pleased with the results achieved over the past 30 days. The support department sent out a total 1697 feedback requests and received 174 responses or 10.2%. Back to the question posed in my presentation, ‘are the other 90% happy? Please take the time to let us know.

So, to the results from this month. I have used the same metrics as for the original figure in that I take all the results from neutral to highly satisfied and aggregate them. Most of the figures I can control by improving the service but I cannot of course force people to use the KB for instance.

1 Read support policy? 85.1%
2 Used the KB? 77%
3 Speed and accuracy of initial response 78.2%
4 Handling where further escalated 85.1%
5 Handled in a timely fashion 79.4%
a Support Reps were knowledgeable 89.6%
b You were given good advice 85.1%
c Reps were courteous 95.9%
d Reps communicated clearly 89.7%
e Given regular progress updates 83.9%

Aggregated satisfaction value 84.9%
Net Improvement 16.9%

Thanks to all our customers for taking the time to complete the survey, a 17% increase in your satisfaction in 30 days takes me a large step towards my stated goals and the work will continue in earnest. We begin next week trialling Service Desk with a few customers and whilst this will add to our workload as we run systems in parallel, I’m convinced the end result will be well worth it. I’d like to extend my thanks to the global support team who have really stepped up to turn ideas into reality.
Finally, thank you for taking the time to add comments and feedback, I assure you that I read each and every one and take account of all suggestions in my plans. Please keep giving good levels of detail in your tickets, accompanied by steps to reproduce and screenshots as appropriate so we can continue to provide timely and accurate support. I look forward to updating you on progress with Service Desk and of course the survey results next month.

Best regards,
Alan Davis
VP Global Product Services

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