Package Everything You Do!!!


If you are an ITSP, then listen up!  I want to challenge you to package everything you do.  Take your A la carte menu of services and think of ways to package them.  You can package them for any reason.  Maybe it’s to fit what clients are asking for, or to fit your service teams skill sets, or even a geographically based package.  What ever it is, many times you can sell more if its packaged well. Fill the package with value and leverage your current systems in place with people and platforms to deliver it well, don’t just fluff it up.

If you’re using a managed services platform, then most likely you’ve packaged a few levels for customers to choose from, but have you really built in the features that people are willing to pay for?  Take it a step farther, have you identified any vertical markets that you’re strong in and package something just for them? Maybe healthcare providers, or lawyers, CPA’s, or architects?  Each of these customers has something unique in the way they might buy your services so why not package something just for them!

Ok, so if you’ve read this far and thought, “Gosh, I already do that…” then maybe here’s something to stretch your thinking even farther.  Take a key event, like the hack on Twitter and their key executives and write it up.  Then offer your clients a Security Health Check, or a Password Policy Package. Do it for a fixed cost and end the price in a 9.  Trust me, if you package it, then promote it, you’ll sell it.  Using Kaseya you should be able to write a few scripts that check password policies, change local admin passwords, etc.  Make the price equal to at least the hourly cost to setup the package.  You’ll get better each time you deliver the package and therefore make more every time.  If you can turn a Password Audit into a quarterly service you’ve now added even more to your recurring service revenue.

  • What are you doing to leverage your platforms and people to deliver services in unique ways?
  • Are you measuring your current packages and tuning them to deliver the best profit?
  • What sells the best?
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