Kaseya Product Schedule


To Our Customers,

We have heard from a number of you over the last year that Kaseya needs to be more open with respect to the products and services it plans to bring to market. While there has always been a need to balance what we have today with what might be coming due to business or competitive issues, we are taking immediate steps to greatly improve our communications (I can already hear the cheering from many of the members of our user groups). We know this particular issue affects your decision making on a range of diverse issues, such as, what services might be deliverable or what capital investments might be mitigated by new technology coming out of Kaseya.

Many of you know that Kaseya has a vision for an entire 360° IT Services Management and Services Delivery framework. That framework should encompass a single pane of glass, be “cloud” centric and provide all the functionality needed to run an IT business. Also, it should constantly report your strategic and tactical performance. While this vision will take some time to build out, we are well on the way.

To ensure we stay on course, we have split Kaseya into bite-sized chunks, with teams working on each chunk. The underlying platform on which the framework is built will undergo scale changes over the next few years with the goal of supporting hundreds of millions of devices with millions of users; necessary for a gold-standard SaaS framework. As a result of the ”chunking,” we will be able to evolve current application functionality faster, independent of the platform on which it runs and come out with new applications at a rapid pace… much faster than was supportable under the pre-K2 product line.

So, as an expression of what you should begin to expect from Kaseya, today we are posting our short term product and services announcement plans on our website: http://www.kaseya.com/company/product-schedule.aspx

As you can see from just the next 60 days, there is a lot of software to come out of our development shop. I think you will find that there is something here for everyone and that this sets a stake in the ground for Kaseya for the future.

As we announce the products, we will provide the product datasheets, license, price and availability details for the respective on-premises and on-demand product bundles. In addition, we will help you get ready by hosting a variety of webcasts, training sessions and product briefings. Make sure you check back to the link for any schedule updates as well as the link to the actual Announcement on the day scheduled. We have a lot coming (even beyond this list) so we think it will be a very exciting year for all of us.

Warm regards,
Gerald Blackie

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