Active Directory Integration? Sure thing!

Tech Notes
Managing multiple security models across an enterprise or a collection of enterprises is a constant challenge for IT groups.  Whether it’s a new employee joining an organization or a role change, there are many opportunities for security systems to be out of sync which could ultimately compromise network security.
Kaseya understands the needs to overcome this challenge.
As a result, a new Directory Services module will automate the process of syncing the Kaseya directory (Orgs, Machine Groups, Users, etc.) with Active Directory (OUs, Users, Computers, etc.) thus ensuring security access and privileges are uniform within Kaseya. The AD hierarchy will be mapped to Kaseya via a real-time sync with Active directory.  As users and computers are added to Active Directory they will be detected by the real-time sync and automatically sent to Kaseya.  Key updates including user password and account disable can be processed directly from the Kaseya console.
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