IT Systems Management Efficiency for Educational Institutions

Education IT

In these uncertain economic times, universities and K-12 school districts are looking to control costs wherever possible. Decision makers are looking at all expenditures to see where to cut costs and install greater IT systems management efficiencies.

In a November 2010 survey conducted by Gartner, the research company predicts that between today and the end of 2015, “50% of higher education CIOs will lose their jobs for failing to balance customer efficiency with organizational efficiency.” What does that mean? It means that the students, teachers and administrators are deploying increasingly sophisticated and ubiquitous technologies – from notebooks to tablets to smart phones and beyond – while those responsible for IT systems management in universities, colleges and K-12 schools try to keep up.

Managing Systems Management in the IT Infrastructure

Managing the IT infrastructure for educational institutions can be a thankless job. People just don’t understand the expertise, time and patience required. Systems are often spread over a large geographic area. Users have varying levels of computing needs and experience. IT professionals for educational institutions need to perform a balancing act by providing for the needs of users, managing a complex IT infrastructure and staying within budget.

IT infrastructure is growing increasingly complex as technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing continue to enhance education networks. These systems management solutions can help facilitate greater collaboration and learning, but require more attention from administrators than traditional architecture. Unfortunately, many education IT professionals rely on a ‘siloed’ strategy, deploying multiple point products that manage each network or layer separately.

Managing IT infrastructure doesn’t have to be thankless. Nor does it have to be difficult and overly time consuming. IT systems management automation allows you to manage your assets more efficiently, helping you improve productivity and raise your reputation within your educational environment.

The systems management solutions for these issues are found in strategic investment in technologies that can boost efficiency, save money mid and long term and make IT an integral part of a school district’s or university’s processes and objectives.  By automating key tasks, IT professionals can experience cost reduction, decreased downtime, improved value and the power to strategically align objectives with organizational goals.

IT systems management automation can:

  • Eliminate the daily strain from your IT service delivery
  • Automate your daily IT tasks and manage devices in multiple locations
  • Efficiently manage hundreds of systems through one interface
  • Increase the security of your IT environment
  • Minimize the challenges of maintaining compliance by automating IT tasks

In order to address the goals and needs of administrators, educators, students and school districts, IT professionals must have the most effective solutions in place. Remote IT systems management does seem to be the best approach, but exactly how does it work? We’ll delve deeper into how systems management automation can help IT professionals for educational institutions in subsequent blog posts.

Learn how educational institutions are using Kaseya to deliver safe and efficient IT systems management. View our education case studies here.

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