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Education IT

Education IT professionals are routinely faced with siloed systems and environments that must be managed in isolation using dedicated, often proprietary systems management solutions.  The result is a disconnected proliferation of management tools, interfaces, processes and procedures that make the overall management task complex, cumbersome and time-consuming. Putting all the requisite pieces in place becomes an exercise in juggling multiple, sometimes conflicting priorities.

By implementing a comprehensive and integrated solution with the power, flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of IT professionals today and expand functionality over time, remote systems management software enables a proactive approach to improved operations for educational institutions and increased client (administrators, educators and students) satisfaction.

The purpose of remote systems management software is  to reduce costs and complexity, manage risk and improve service via flexible delivery models. Systems need to be smarter – not just faster or cheaper and optimized for the needs of today’s educational institutions.

Smarter systems are created with streamlined and efficient systems management software that leverages virtualization and automation, enabling education IT professionals to gain greater control of their infrastructures. IT should be thought of in terms of how it can enable the organization to become more agile and competitive, by helping turn information into insight, deliver services better and faster, enable collaboration, drive efficiency and manage risk. By centralizing, streamlining and automating IT management tasks such as configuration and provisioning, remote systems management software can dramatically reduce cost and risk while improving service delivery in a way not possible with conventional approaches. Administrators need not spend days or weeks bringing new resources online; with automated processes and virtualized technology, needs can be met immediately and without disruption.

The core sets of functions performed by remote systems management software should include:

  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Execution
  • Updating
  • Logging
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Remediation

These functions are part of the core tasks an education IT professional performs on a daily basis. Remote systems management automates systems deployment and management processes by mimicking best practices associated with provisioning of services. The key to effective management is the ability to look across platforms and operating systems, without sacrificing the ability to drill down to the individual device level and perform detailed management tasks.

This results in a one touch approach to process systems management. It reduces processing errors, ensures compliance with procedures and increases the flexibility of managing transaction intensive tasks.

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