Now Recruiting: Kaseya Test Pilots


Here at Kaseya we are constantly looking for new ways to bring to market world class solutions for our customers.  If that’s sounds a bit cliched to you, my apologies, but its true.  We work hard to build and deliver software that will solve problems not create more.  We have big ambitions and have a great team to help us fulfill those ambitions.  These engineering teams work tirelessly to get new features and functionality to market.  To help us better deliver software that you trust everyday to get your job done we have launched our Kaseya Test Pilot program.

Kaseya test pilots get an early look at new Kaseya products and functionality.  As they say, though, there is no free lunch.  All we ask in return is a few things:

  • Are You a Current Kaseya Customer?
  • Do you use K2 or higher technology?
  • Are you willing to install the product in your production environment during testing?
  • Are you a knowledgeable Kaseya power user?
  • Can you dedicate time and resources to test?
If you can answer “yes” to all of the questions then you may have what we are looking for in our test pilots.

Click here to get started as a Kaseya Test Pilot!

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