Latest Core Update 6.2 Released Today!


Continuing in the tradition of delivering constant improvements to our customers worldwide, we have released version 6.2 of our K2 IT systems management framework.  Overnight we flipped the switch so that in the next few days when you log in to your Kaseya system you will be notified of this upgrade.  Our update system spreads the notifications out over a couple days, so if you don’t get your notification right away, just sit tight.

For all of our SaaS customers you will get the update over the next couple of weeks.  Track status on the community thread for the cloud platform here.

Let’s look at just a few of the enhancements found in this update:

Quick View Enhancements

New security access rights and users options have been added to Quick View.

  • The Access Rights tab now controls the display of each action button at the top of the Quick View popup window.
  • New Action Options:
    • Remote Control
    • Command Shell
    • Registry Editor
    • Chat
    • Video Chat
    • Reset Password
    • Wake Machine

New Quick Monitor

Building off the success of Quick View introduced in version 6.1, a new Quick Monitor has been added to version 6.2 to provide a similar experience for Agent monitoring. Quick Monitor streamlines the creation of event sets and monitor sets based on event logs, processes and services.

  • Events Sets – Hovering the cursor over the monitor icon of a log entry enables administrators to create new event set criteria based on that log entry. The new event set criteria can be added to any new or existing event set. The new or changed event set is immediately applied to the machine that served as the source of the log entry.
  • Services and Processes – Similar to event sets, hovering over processes and services listed in the Task Manager of Live Connect streamlines the process of creating new monitor sets.

Live Connect

Improved Mac support and a new VPN connection option highlight the new capabilities within Live Connect.

  • File Manager and Command Shell are now supported options for the Mac OS from Live Connect.
  • A new VPN menu option in Live Connect creates a VPN connection between your local machine and the target machine, which may reside on an external network. Once connected, administrators can connect to other machines sharing the same LAN as the target machine including agent-less machines and devices with common tools such as SSH or telnet.

Remote Control

A new SSH page from Remote Control provides a command line window through an SSH session with connectivity to Linux and Mac machines.

New Machine Group Move Options

A new Move button has been added to the Machine Groups tab and Departments tab of organizations to streamline reorganization of machines.

  • Move all machines and sub-machine groups from a source machine group to a target machine group within the same or different organization.
  • Move all staff and sub-departments from a source department to a target department within the same or different organization.

Info Center And Reporting

ScreenshotInfo Center reports have been greatly enhanced to improve usability and performance.


An additional “Run Now” button has been added to the list of scheduled reports providing an option to immediately initiate a previously scheduled report without the need to reset filters and delivery options.


The embedded output formats have been re-designed using SQL Reporting Services 2008 report definition layouts (RDLs). The updated RDL layouts provide a clearer view of systems information and improved charts.

  • Colors and borders have been minimized to draw attention to the data being presented in the report.
  • Report filters display in a Data Filter Table at the top of the report for improved clarity.
  • Charts have been updated to a 3D look.
  • A footer with the publishing date, time, report title, and page number displays on every page.

Internet Explorer 9

System wide support of Internet Explorer 9 including the Kaseya administrator portal, End User Portal and Live Connect are fully supported in version 6.2.

So which update are you most excited about.


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